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LiveGood Massive Piggy Back bonuses

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Dave Gardner's $15,873 in Piggyback Bonuses!

Step #1: Be sure you have gotten back to the person who shared this page with you and Pre-enroll/Join with them in order to be able to access these bonuses

  • Recommended to register for “Option 2” with the ONE Time $40 affiliate registration fee and the $99.95 annual membership over “Option 1” and the $9.95 monthly membership to improve your commission potential over time
LiveGood Annual Membership

Step #2: Enjoy MY Bonuses and Get Bonuses for YOUR Referrals (See all the bonuses BELOW!)

Email me or and/or share this page with your referrals so they instead can email me at with the SUBJECT LINE: LiveGood Massive Magnetic Bonuses with the following details:

*A) The Username you/they registered with AND then list who their sponsor is

*B) The email you/they registered with (This is the email I will also use to send the Vacation AND Hotel Vouchers)

*C) Your/Their best phone number (to verify with you that the Vouchers and more are on the way AND Coaching!)

*D) A little about your/their past marketing experiences

*E) What excites you most about building a LiveGood business/Being a LiveGood affiliate

*F) Any other questions you might have to help you get up and running

*G) The country you would like to choose to visit for your vacation: Please view THIS DOCUMENT to see the list of available countries and/or US cities available so I can start the process on this (or you can also wait and do this later)

*H) Sign up for my FREE List Building “List Chemistry” report at to be on that training list (But do NOT purchase the upsell unless you want to spend your money lol!) and I will then also be able to send you the special link to register for the Lifetime access for FREE as that is one of the major Bonuses above!!!

NOTE: All digital products will be delivered and or begun processing within 24-48 hours of joining and receipt of information from the email requirements above. Be sure to reply to me that you joined/purchased and share your answers to steps ‘A’ through ‘H’ so I can confirm it on my end and get the ball rolling!

Remember YOU CAN Piggy Back Off of MY BONUSES! Whoo hoo!!  Just SHARE THIS PAGE with your referrals once they have pre-enrolled AND joined you as a member/affiliate in LiveGood

Text/Call Dave With Questions at 315-559-2784

Email Dave with Questions at

BONUSES For Joining Dave Gardner's Team

Here is a list and description of the bonuses that include but are not limited to:

BONUS #1: Lifetime Access to my List Chemistry List Building Traffic and Labs course and training

Inside you will see a complete set up from the general to the advanced training on getting your website and email list set up to following up with leads and more.

Includes cheat sheets, templates, recommended traffic sources and more

Whether you are a newbie or seasoned marketing veteran wanting to see things from a different angle, there is something for all with these strategies that include but are not limited to list building, email follow up, affiliate marketing, traffic generation and more.


BONUS #2: Vacation Stay Around the World

I cover the hotel stay, you cover any associated taxes/fees, transportation/food/entertainment for stays up to 7 nights at locations all over the world!

See available locations here!

*Must stay at a place over 100 miles from your home address

After all of your hard business and marketing work you will enjoy a nice vacation at an amazing location


BONUS #3: $500 Hotel voucher

This is separate from Bonus #3 above and allows you to save up to $500 on a hotel stay at over 1 million locations worldwide.

Use it up and I will send you another one!!

Whether you are making a last minute road trip and getaway or a longer vacation stay these savings cards give you more freedom and options to save money that you can instead put back into your business


$500 Hotel Voucher Savings Card

BONUS #4: 150 MLM Style emails

These are email templates/stories that you can edit to your desire and personality/voice to use as follow up messages with your leads and pre-enrolled members

Be sure to also use any emails you get from me as examples of content/format you can use for your own growing swipe file over time.

Thinking of what to say in a message can be hard sometimes so these emails will help spark some ideas to make it easier and save you time in the long run in following up with leads or creating your own automated follow up system.


BONUS #5: Lifetime Coaching and Access

I am here for you to help you grow with LiveGood and/or building your own team over time.

I will also be available to help and guide your team with any questions they might have as well

Have questions about anything LiveGood related…let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Want me to check out your own emails, websites, posts or more?  That can be set up as well to help you make them pop to your viewers.

*Currently a Gold Ranked LiveGood member approaching Platinum status and ready to help you get there as well!


BONUS #6: Piggyback Bonus!

I am going to let you share these bonuses as well with anyone YOU refer to help incentivize them in joining YOUR team (all but the physical DTU Bonus above)

No need for you to come up with bonuses or pay to join a company to share vacation vouchers, when you can piggyback off of my efforts and resources


Text/Call Dave With Questions at 315-559-2784

Email Dave with Questions at

LiveGood Compensation Plan

LiveGood official Compensation Plan video

LiveGood Compensation Plan PDF and Further explanation of other ways to earn income with LiveGood