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Holy Cow! Look at the programs that are eligible for the MLM Drip and see more in how it is going to work and help you out!

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Do I have to pay you to take part in the MLM Drip?

No you only pay membership fees to the respective companies you join with me. There are no additional fees for MLMDrip...Actually Dave will be using some of his commissions when you join to buy advertising for you!

Will my ads and affiliate links go out right after I join?

No, there will be a lag time based on commissions payments/guarantee periods and solo ad delivery. Unfortunately some people like to just join stuff and quit a week or two in if they don't make some sales, so I need to protect myself and be sure you are in it for the long haul...I know I am.

Can I choose the ad I want to send out?

We can discuss this, however it will be with the program you joined me with, which helps build our downline, hence the point of the DRIP!

Do you provide coaching?

I will provide some guidance in getting started with each program, however this can be limited by a growing team. There is excellent training and support in the programs themselves and that is why I chose to work with them and would suggest using this resource as well.

Do you have any quickstart guides for these companies?

  1. Pure Leverage: You can use the same guide above to get most of the same details, though one will be updated specifically for my team

What if I decide that the programs are not right for me?

You are free to cancel any program that is billed monthly at your discretion. I purchase ads for your link after my commissions are complete so that I do not lose money in the process


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