Endorsed free traffic to your website is like magic

Lesson #1 of 8: The Right Traffic

This was just the beginning of what Daegan Smith shared with us on his recent webinar and I wanted to pass on some of this knowledge to you as well.

There were a few lessons Daegan shared with us and the first one is the idea of “the right traffic”

“The right traffic is like magic”

Just like the idea presented yesterday, being able to get the right “quality” traffic to your site is crucial.

I can suggest placing ads all over, but you want to make sure your ROI and EROI is as high as possible..This is the Return on Invesment and Energy Return on Investment.

If you were to just throw an ad up in the local newspaper for people looking for home businesses, it would not be targeted.

However if you put an article in a business journal or a niche related trade magazine, now you are getting in to the hands of people who are actually interested in the traffic.

“The right traffic is like magic”

So what I want you to do today is to find a blog, forum, newsletter or something similar in one niche that you are passionate about.

You need to contact them TODAY…

…and do what I mentioned yesterday in regards to one simple question.

You need ot ask them “what would it take for me to write a free article for them?”

What you end up with when they let you put stuff in their letter or blog, you get what is called “Endorsed Free Traffic” to your website or blog, which is like magic.

I would suggest doing this to a few places so the more places you have options of submitting to, the better.

Remember, in most cases, you should be able to submit an author bio with a link back to your website.

This is where the magic really begins.

Now I am not sure if Daegan’s whole webinar is still avialable or not, but you can try to see if you can still see the replay.  If the video and order form is still live, give it a try.


Otherwise, until tomorrow where we find out the next key lesson in the online traffic revolution.

Your hint is that it will be something to help you remove some budgetary constraints you may be experiencing.

To driving quality traffic!

Dave Gardner

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