Yugioh Slifer the Sky Dragon Shipment Recieved! Thanks Shonen Jump Alpha!

Hey guys, thought I’d make a video of me unpacking slifer from Shonen Jump Alpha. Trust me, I would reccomend you guys go and become members, trust me, it’s …
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  1. tyrone johnson says:

    how do you get slifer now and how do you join shonen jump

  2. goodandplenty4u says:

    Yep, I got this card but it was mess up real bad, it look like whoever was delivering it spilled soda on it. I pulled it out and well you get the picture.

    I wouldn’t mind having another one, but its kinda crazy charging so much money for a free card(well limited but free)

  3. Mario85555 says:

    Kinda what i was thinking, but eh, people’ll charge what they want.

  4. goodandplenty4u says:

    Don’t worry people they will or may release this card as a reprint, and have it in a Tin, Note Wing Dragon of Ra(tourn legal) has already been reprinted for the collector tin. So i’m sure they will have this one soon enough.

  5. Mario85555 says:

    Already Traded, sorry. Check my updated trade binder video.

  6. michelle morales says:

    what kind of cards are you looking for for slifer

  7. shippbrandon says:

    pm how much gor your silfer?

  8. Mario85555 says:

    You get a Slifer from joining SJ alpha, too ate to get it now, but you can get a Gustaph Max if you join before september 30th,
    Costs close to 24.95$

  9. dude dood says:

    how much did it cost you

  10. Joe Jackson says:

    Get a tripod, I hate you..

  11. Shadowwolf9001 says:


  12. AsianHomeVideos says:

    i wants it!!! my precious

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