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www.videoviralviews.com YouTube Product Placement service perfects the hottest trend in advertising and social media marketing. YouTube Product Placement is a simple concept: Advertise products and services to YouTube viewers by attaching them to popular videos. VideoViralViews.com will reward loyal clients and help them offset the cost of turning their videos viral by offering this service at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

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  1. JamesLomdemo says:

    This is so much better then just tryin to do it yourself

  2. Biggiesmallass says:

    Best service ever.

  3. DepJohnny says:

    your company is awesome

  4. jasonstiggs says:

    I’m sharing this on my FB too!

  5. tamitonni says:

    everybody is going to be doing this pretty soon, good to know where I can find it

  6. jerryloius says:

    interesting concept

  7. tobitonka says:

    Great quality animation

  8. TheToribola says:

    what a sweeet idea

  9. tommykillg says:

    very nice

  10. gloriasened says:

    this is great!

  11. LewyTompson says:

    bad ass!

  12. Kamnoka says:

    cool service guys!

  13. yoshito191 says:

    is there anything you guys can’t do?

  14. GRamsoso says:

    put the lime in the coconut and put it a video lol

  15. sshouling says:


  16. fortessman27 says:

    really cool, thanks for sharing!

  17. gordonmilesdavis says:

    can you do any product?

  18. freeportJackson says:

    awesome vid!

  19. freeportJackson says:

    @chloeyang15 hey crazy, what’s goin on now?

  20. chloeyang15 says:

    Is funny how everyone comment at the 17-18 hour mark

  21. sarinaoto says:

    awesome program

  22. biggs611 says:

    this works great!

  23. 69bedover says:

    great service

  24. jongrande3 says:

    This is great!

  25. marlogps says:

    Has anyone done this yet?

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