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A parody of ‘The Social Network’ by Jeff Loveness Contact: jloveness@gmail.com Social Network Trailer: www.youtube.com Youtube follows the lead of the upcoming, ‘The Social Network’ movie about Facebook and decides to make a highly dramatic, fictionalized account on the creation of Youtube. Sneezing Panda Clip used with permission by Wild Candy Pty. Ltd./LJM Productions Pty. Ltd www.sneezingbabypanda.com Written and co-Directed by Jeff Loveness co-directed by Kyle Helf Director of Photography Luke Sommer of Modern Human TV – www.youtube.com Music Composed by Jared LaGroue Produced by Jeff Loveness, Kyle Helf, and Conrad Flynn Edited by Kyle Helf Starring Scott Takeda as Steven Chen and Jeff Loveness as Chad Hurley. Ashley Campbell, Corbin Mayberry, and many many others I will list once I have more time to write in this box. Keyboard Cat video used by Permission from www.youtube.com Featuring: Lily, Ben and James Montes, Jillian Lawson, Mason Hankins, Matthew Robinson, Anna Sherod, Katy Hansen, Sophia Bien, Paul Casey, Omid Heidari, Corbin Mayberry, Rheagan Martin Special Thanks to Christine Pechera, Katherine Sexton, Susan Salas, Pepperdine University, spoof
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  1. CallMeJustineMarie says:

    This is sooo hilariously clever! This should actually be made into a movie!

  2. MAHNO691 says:


  3. MAHNO691 says:


  4. braxinIV says:

    This would actually be a good movie

  5. domefavor95 says:


  6. domefavor95 says:

    Best video ever. I want a Full Length movie. 🙂

  7. ovalbullet50Cc says:


  8. jmeredith44 says:

    Still love this….

  9. Seyahhsod says:

    This was really cute …
    up until you got to the pandas.

  10. shirhh says:

    where is the video of the dancing girl from the begining?
    and the rest videos??? i wonna see them!!

  11. asoaoj says:


  12. TheNiggerXavi says:

    Broadcast my broad penis as i cast it into your mouth

  13. ax275 says:

    Yes, please make it.

  14. futurestoryteller says:

    @DarkProphet94 You think The Social Network should have won?… Oh god

  15. ryanmoritz says:

    this is genius.

  16. TeamAugBar says:

    who didnt see this video 1:56 ..lol

  17. 12najem says:


  18. ZippoMontefiore says:

    Broadcast Yourself.
    Now that would be a great movie title.

  19. EnglshRck76 says:

    The Social Network is about to come out on Showtime, but i dont know if im gone to watch it cuase of the part in the trailer were Justin Timberlake characters says a million dollars isnt cool you know whats cool is a Billion dollars. Extreme greed like that is one of the major problems with this country. Since Reagan the rich havnt been paying there fair share and the debt started sky rocketing and thats not cool.

  20. HartleyBaxter says:


  21. 773SleepyHollow says:

    “People have said that you look like Erika Christensen 22 thousand times?”

    “Million… 22 million.”

  22. MegaRobo9867 says:

    Hahaha! Man, I usually hate it when people make a comment about the number of dislikes on a video, but that was pure brilliance. Major kudos for that.

  23. bupvids says:

    Damn….. i wonna see the full parody movie!!

  24. ElizabethKentivusdf says:


  25. tigerkaty says:

    I want to watch this movie now! 😀

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