Your New Social Network Beat100

Your New Social Network Beat100

Article by Jaques

Are you looking for a way to easily share your music and videos with the entire world? Do you want access to the hundreds of thousands of potential new fans who are waiting to hear your music, just one click away? Are you ready for your turn to shine in the spotlight?

Then consider getting your hard work and talent recognized by joining the newest, hottest social network: Beat100! Beat100 is the best new way to get the exposure that you want for your music–solo musicians and bands alike. So what exactly is Beat100 and how does it work to give your music the fame it deserves?

What Is Beat 100?

Beat100 is the up and coming social music and lifestyle network that everybody is joining. Known as a “Social Video Entertainment Network,” it’s an innovative new approach to traditional social media websites that separate social networking and video content into different realms. Instead, Beat100 combines the best of both worlds in one easy to use and easy to join website.

The video side of the website allows bands, musicians, and other users to easily upload their content and have it instantly available for millions of potential fans to click, watch and vote on. The social networking side allows you to share videos with friends, plan events, make status updates, chat with others, and post photos.

What Can Be Done With Beat100

One example of how you can use the social networking side to benefit your band is that you can create events for your upcoming shows. This way they’re available for everyone to see immediately, and if you have local fans looking for something to do on the weekend, they’ll see your show posted. You don’t have to find a way to get fans to come to your personal website, because they’re all already at Beat100 looking through new videos every day.

How’s that for easy publicity? Instead of separating video content, this social networking site integrates it in an intuitive way that lets people comment and share videos with friends easily, getting your music the circulation it needs to grow. It’s the best of many different types of social media sites rolled conveniently into one handy package!

Additionally, if you end up being one of the most popular bands or musicians on the site, you have a chance to win cash and more exposure! Top charts are updated every month and you can stay on the chart obtaining votes for two months. The first, second, and third most popular videos each month gets cash prizes. You can upload one video into the chart each week and watch it climb as you gather more fans and more publicity.

How To Join Beat100

The best part is, Beat100 is completely free to join and signing up is a cinch so you can start being rewarded straight away. If you want to be seen, heard and then reap the benefits of endless new fans, then this new social network is the place for your music and videos. It couldn’t be easier. So, join today and start getting the recognition you deserve.

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Beat100 is a completely free way to network and is great way to gain exposure and get seen, get heard and rewarded Check us out at http://www.beat100.com/

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