Your kids can get better grades at school!

Your kids can get better grades at school!

Article by Laura Sheridan

Your kids can get better grades at school!

Chess is a great educational tool disguised as a game!

Besides being a superb game to learn and play, chess is an excellent tool for the development of the mind, especially the young mind of a child.

This is because, in playing chess, the child is faced with countless challenges, possibilities and opportunites which exercise the mind and promote the development of deep thought.

Research consistently shows that children who regularly play chess achieve significantly higher school grades, especially in mathematics, science and reading, compared with those children who do not play chess.

Perhaps this is why chess is a core part of the school curriculum in many enlightened countries throughout the world.

In fact, chess is like a miniature version of life itself, and the same skills that are learnt while playing chess are just as applicable to everyday living.

So what benefits do you get by playing chess?

Let’s list a few,


…teaches you to take responsibility for your actions; this encourages you to have patience, to think before you act, to plan ahead and to try and predict the consequences of your actions.

…trains you to analyse and weigh-up all the various factors associated with any given situation and then to make a final decision based upon the result of your analysis….trains you to cope and work well under pressure and to hold your nerve.

…enhances your problem-solving and analytical skills.

…encourages you to explore new ideas, to be inventive and creative, and to use your imagination.

…improves your memory and pattern-recognition skills.

…also improves many other mental capacities such as concentration, visualization, organisation, logical and abstract reasoning, and critical thinking.

…encourages self-improvement as there is always more knowledge to acquire and new skills to be learnt.

…teaches you to win graciously and to learn from your mistakes when defeated.

And, of course, winning at chess improves your self-confidence and self-esteem and gives you a great sense of achievement when you outwit your opponent.

The bottom line is, if you want your children to do better at school, get higher grades and have a great head-start in life, they need to be playing chess – it costs nothing and makes a lot of sense.

“Children don’t need to be smart to play chess, but playing chess makes children smarter!”

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The author is a primary school teacher who teaches chess to children in her spare time.

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