Your First Year in Network Marketing| BIGGEST STRUGGLES on Your First Year in Network Marketing

http://your-first-year.MLMandSuccess.com – Your First Year in network marketing Biggest Struggles will make you fail unless you are aware of the info shared …
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  1. Thetacomatt says:

    I liked and subscribed.

  2. Michael L. Mattos says:

    Struggling in MLM is necessary to succeed as long as adjustments are made
    along the way. You bring up some great points Roger…

  3. misspink94able says:

    Ilike you bitch

  4. Terry Neraasen says:

    Great message for the newbies! Well said.

  5. Yukiin Kinin says:

    it work ^^

  6. hanhble says:

    Wonderful, I wish I had a video as great as this one!

  7. Tonya Stephens says:

    Love that book by Mark Yarnell Your First Year In Network Marketing. Thanks
    for the info and free training.

  8. ImAvern says:

    this video never gets old , i? say HOLY SHIT ! every time .

  9. sarah gailey says:

    Great inspiration for people new to MLM!

  10. Arary McGowan says:

    WOW.. Great topic and message Roger. Thanks for the value.

  11. Gordon Bennett says:

    Roger, you told it like it is brother and didn’t mince words. Thanks for
    keeping it real, but also having a solution. By the way, I want that music

  12. YummyRick says:

    This channel and their videos like this one are so amazing that cant be
    explaind in words.

  13. Kevin Houser says:

    Roger good info for all newbies in the bus thanks kH

  14. Duc Bui Huu says:

    now I find what I have been looking

  15. GaribBerko says:

    I subbed because your voice is amazing! 🙂

  16. Mary Austin says:

    Excellent points re the first year in MLM

  17. Terry Neraasen says:
  18. Roger Rios says:

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