You Can End The Drama…

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  1. Hoodooal says:

    It’s all good, but ‘who is on a path’?
    Look into that. Does that ‘who’ really exist?

  2. HodorTheGreat says:


  3. bahbcat says:

    Ducks? I’ve seen ducks perform gang rape on a nearly drowning female duck. Drama is what it is, Life.

  4. 3dsmaxmaster says:

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  5. uranusskies says:

    lets do a drive by wedding = ) <3

  6. tonyc200708 says:

    Good message Katie. There is so much drama in the world today. People need to step back for a moment and breathe to find better solutions or like you said, finding peace within themselves.

  7. MsSecretVoice says:

    its kinda hard to do that, in the poisition im in at the moment …

  8. Nakedwow says:

    ENJOY COLDPLAY!!!!! lucky you 😀
    Just wanted to give a heartfelt thank you for making these videos. You may not have thousands of views….. why exactly I’ll never understand but I am sure that thew few of us lucky enough to view you are greatful for all your upbeat reminders on life and attitude.

  9. alienspent says:

    You were shy??? Wow, I know that you dont need to hear this, but you are the prettiest red head on youtube. Cass Naumann is a close second. I must be telling you that for my ego? 😉 lol. Must study more Eckhart! Just teasing you Katie =)

  10. LeadersCare says:

    Good point Katie. “It is what it is.”, has actually become a very popular saying in New Jersey, lol. Enjoy the concert!!!

  11. Charles Steele says:

    Thank You!
    EXACTLY what I needed to hear.
    Bless You.

  12. u2bedrama says:

    I might have to close this channel if there is no drama!

  13. 1140Cecile says:

    Some good energy there, Katie.

  14. brendandylanmaloney says:

    I am going to cold play this saturday night . Is this the same one you are going to? I have never seen them. Are they good in concert ? I talked to you on the phone about genewize before, my name is brendan. great videos,i was shy too.

  15. InternetCoach says:

    Great points! Our personal psychology has everything to do with our business success.

  16. djsuperstar717 says:

    I could watch you talking forever…;
    and im always drama free

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