Yo, Meet Me at San Loco’s! (Men Lie and Are Cheap!)

Before we go on to Glasslands in Williamsburg to see the Brunettes, Stefanos and Gerry have some Mexican and margaritas at San Loco on Clinton Street on the …
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  1. Georgia S says:

    @animalnudity and all these, written in english since I know that you never
    left NY…There is only one thing I want to say in our language and it is
    the thing you have been always saying to me “αγάάάάππηηηη μοοουυυυυ πούύύύ
    είίίσσααααιι;;; σε μισώώώώώ!!!” I know you won’t ever “Rest in peace” cause
    YOU hate resting……xxx *thank you Gerry for having this vid posted even
    so long ago.

  2. animalnudity says:

    so, when are you taking me out for steak?

  3. Georgia S says:

    @animalnudity So, after 13 yrs of beeing friends in a way that I doubt
    anyone would ever get -only we knew how- and 1.5 year of not having a
    single word from you, all I am left with, is this video I accidentally
    found…I miss you so terribly much that i am absolutely sure you are a
    having a great laugh at my pain…You’ll always be my “kwax”, and I’ll
    never stop laughing in my head every time I recall the sound of your voice
    when calling me to say “rude” things of how much you “hate” me…

  4. Geraldine Visco says:

    After you take me out for steak and buy me tix to Minneapolis, dude. You
    said it on YouTube, now cough it up!

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