Yes, We Are Dating ..

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  1. LoganLautner says:

    Hey look I got chicken finger! haha

  2. LucyBeatrice123 says:

    Joey said he hated Lucy… That’s me :'(

  3. Waniabaig1 says:

    Joey Graceffa <3

  4. Joanna16091997 says:

    OMG JOEY !!! <3 <3 <3

  5. Anna Giolitti says:

    i cant believe blair and him broke up

  6. theredgirl222 says:

    Wait a frisking minute.
    Is that your Aston Martin??

  7. horselover2429 says:

    did you break up with blair?

  8. XoXoMaKaylaLuvvXoXo says:

    Y U NO SHOW COMMENT?!?!?!?!

  9. mycreativityrules says:

    I love the way Sawyer talks! Like he is losing his voice. So hot!

  10. Allee2012 says:

    I spy Joey’s old hair!

  11. britjonas22 says:


  12. Sierra Williams says:

    yea they both tweeted about it

  13. britjonas22 says:


  14. Sierra Williams says:

    they broke up a while back

  15. britjonas22 says:

    hes dating blair isnt he?

  16. Zooniewoonie says:

    He would not like juicy Lucy coz his gay

  17. TheDJAJ1234 says:

    they are joking

  18. TheDJAJ1234 says:

    they are joking

  19. dwhezzy19 says:

    Thats how i feel when my friends talk about working out “I went to the gym” “I swam the pacific ocean”(i know luke was joking for the record) “I slept in and order onion rings” lol

  20. Brandon Marr says:

    i miss blair

  21. dqjlol says:

    he was joking. he is straight 🙂

  22. LaraExOhExOh says:

    im confused, is he dating joey or was he jokeing?

  23. Mallory Cleary says:

    Sawyer, they usually cook chicken tenders, onion rings, and fries all in the same fryer….

  24. Mallory Cleary says:

    Putting onions in the patty is also really good 🙂

  25. posedonrascal says:

    Sawer was jokeing about him and sane dawson dateing

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