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www.yadayadamarketing.com Yada Yada Marketing, Inc. 2058 Weaver Park Drive Clearwater, FL 33765 727-442-5888 Visit with Laura Betterly, the president of Yada Yada Marketing and see the office and production facilities. Yada Yada Marketing is a marketing firm in the Tampa Bay area that specializes in PPC, SEO, Social Media Marketing and results oriented marketing. Possibly the most fun you can have with a miniature cow
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  1. sanjahunt says:

    Thank you Laura, I have learned so much from you already. Claimed Google, Yahoo and Bing for our business, getting onto Citations. Just working my way through your super program. Finally, it is making sense-thanks to you. Still have to figure out how to do YouTube like yours to introduce our company. Great video and a lot to learn from it.

  2. ryanpopovic says:


    Looks like you’ve been hanging out with Kate Buck Jr a little too much!  I’m digging the pink hair!

  3. edcabreranet says:

    I have been listening to your 3 hour trainings on Local Mobile Fusion. I just wanted to say that you are one of the only marketer I know who does 3 hour trainings. A lot of people talk abut giving back but you have surpassed what was expected with this product. thanks for the tremendous effort you have put forth.

  4. VideoVicious says:

    thanks for the walk through and the personal touch

  5. GetMoreBizOnlineCom says:

    Hi Laura, great to finally see you in real person and it’s nice to hear you say “and what not” in the real scene:)
    Again, thanks for the MLF program!

  6. Garycarlyle says:

    Laura your the best 🙂

  7. manna1960 says:

    You should be proud of what you have put together.

    You are top on my list of favorite people for all of the help you are providing. Thanks for being a generous person.


  8. TheMoneyjay says:

    Hi great video thanks for showing your office, yada yada marketing webstie looks great, i am currently putting my set up together using local marketing from LMF, looks good, jay

  9. askashleyk says:

    Hi Laura

    I have just completed your Local Mobile Fusion Course so it was really great to meet you albeit via YouTube !

    best wishes for 2011

    Alan Kerr

  10. herotness says:

    Nice tour of Yada Yada Marketing offices Laura. The mascots were definitely photogenic 🙂
    It’s nice to see where the magic happens and I’ve seen some of Yada’s great work online.

    Well done!

  11. Chrissiedm says:

    Congratulations Laura – you certainly know how to do things the right way. I love the marketing inside your office – very professional.

  12. SteveSipress says:

    You Yada Yada’d the best part!

    Just kidding, Laura. This is a video every local business should make.

    I especially loved the way you “just happened to walk by” your press clippings and celebrity photos!

    Definitely a smart use of about 15 minutes of time total. Way to go, Laura!

  13. jbuddha31 says:

    Awesome video! It’s a great way for people to connect with you on a different level. With everything being so web based these days, which I do love none the less, it takes away the person-to-person relationship/connection.

    Hopefully people will realize how important a quick ‘hi, it’s me, welcome to my world’ video can be. There’s a lot to be learned from 3 minutes and 45 seconds!!!

    Truly great stuff!

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