Xpenzif free energy screw magnet motor

THIS MAGNET MOTOR WASN’T BUILT BY ME More info here: peswiki.com This motor uses magnetic attraction to spin. It is basically a cylinder with flat screws attached to the outside. I mounted this on a hard drive spindle. Four neodymium magnets line up with the four rows of screws. The magnets are attracted to the screws, but are attracted more to the heads than the tail ends. The head of a bottom-row screw will be attracted to the bottom-most magnet. So will the head of the screw above it. The cylinder will turn to compensate this imbalance. The same with the next two rows of screws. The lowest magnet now prefers the head of the next screw rather than the tail of the previous screw because magnets are attracted more to the thicker part of the screw. When I move the magnets close enough, the magnetic attraction makes it spin. This device is a very crude rough draft. The screw placement is off, and it doesn’t rotate smoothly. This is a quiet, environmentally-safe, free-energy device. On a large scale it could produce useful energy.
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  1. ImUrtastyflava says:

    NOT! “ENERGY” its “FORCE” major difference.

    “Free energy” is misunderstood.

  2. SparcySparkman says:

    Looks workable.
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  3. SparcySparkman says:

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  4. ten40tv says:

    Haters gunna hate. That’s all I can say. Keep doing what your doing man. You’ll be the one with the last laugh when those haters are still paying money to the electric company. They called Tesla crazy. Even when he created a device that tapt into the earths magnetism to create free energy. Than the government shot it down. The haters are government officials trying to protect big oil. Don’t listen to them

  5. Justwantahover says:

    It only works on You Tube!

  6. cliff0495 says:

    Oh C-mon. Spin it with your finger again. I think you may have a SCREW loose.

  7. eithanyakobi says:

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  8. britishtuna says:

    For christ sake mate this does not work!!.. You are spinning it with your finger, yes to get it in motion but after a few seconds it stops again.. Fail

  9. snathanmax says:

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  10. BlocklandWorld says:

    If you can design a motor out of magnets, why don’t you design yourself a video recording device that produces better quality than your calculator your using there?

  11. BRYCYNS says:

    I love that , it is simple and anyone can try it !

  12. tyreza79 says:


  13. gmesthermax says:

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  14. TheMichal433 says:

    i like him but imma still go play gta on my xbox :3

  15. draenax69 says:

    If your hating on this guy then you should go back to playing your Xbox…

  16. chrisofnottingham says:

    Just for the non physics ppl here. It is possible to have one side always more attracted than the other. However, that is not sufficient reason for it to move. It would only move if the motion caused a net loss in energy, which it doesn’t because the screw pattern keeps repeating. If the movement causes no overall change then there is no reason for it to move.

    As you can see, it only moves initially when pushed and stops at a local minimum when the momentum runs out.

  17. TheCommuted says:

    The underling premise is flawed but I am still impressed by the human creativity needed to keep the flawed concept evolving. When I was young adult a man in a shed behind my rented room had a gravity contraption made from arms and lead weights. He would never tire of lifting the arm and letting fall, –always expecting it to continue to move. I think there is mental illness involved.

    But you have obviously crossed the line of honesty. You cannot escape the first law.

  18. ian5576 says:

    “this is definitely something to look into!”
    Don’t be stupid, it doesn’t work.

  19. nickvhopwood says:

    I don’t hate this guy, account has been hacked. Sorry for any offence.

  20. nickvhopwood says:

    I don’t hate this guy, accounts been hacked. Sorry for any offence this may have caused.

  21. nickvhopwood says:

    I don’t hate this guy, accounts been hacked. Sorry for any offence this may have caused.

  22. quietcon says:


  23. dizzyshits says:

    Just imagine what it would be like to have the power in your house to run everything, electric furnace, electric water heater, electric car in your garage, this is definitely something to look into!

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