WWE 12 Simulations Promo

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  1. themattattack11 says:


  2. recenation98 says:

    I’m very happy which yuor simulations return
    How do you do this awesome videos?

  3. VideoGameMaster167 says:

    @Hardyfan7857 random typing.lol

  4. Hardyfan7857 says:

    @VideoGameMaster167 who is this guy?

  5. VideoGameMaster167 says:

    df er th ar rgv bhed

  6. geonybkkilla says:

    0:53 that battlefield 3 sound

  7. poom9258 says:

    I Want It.

  8. OriginalKimQueiroz says:


  9. djjohncena1395 says:

    @TheWWEsimulations do you like Green Day???

  10. ThaDarKnight10 says:

    Follow me @VanBrosky and check out my tracks I’ll follow back !

  11. Nexusfan01 says:

    @TheWWEsimulations nice idea with the vote,can u give me the download link for edited version of to be loved!

  12. L3ggoMy3ggoALIVE says:

    @TheWWEsimulations lol, I actually like the song, don’t see why everybody has a problem with it.

  13. TheWWEsimulations says:

    @L3ggoMy3ggoALIVE yes, but the song will be the same.

  14. alexangel3030 says:

    dude please can you make with SVR 2011 Survivor Series 2011 Simulation before WWE 12 gets relesed ?

  15. DETBW says:

    Very very good

  16. datocool56 says:


  17. Pr0fesserCha0s says:

    This is amazing :’)

  18. davidmg56 says:

    ill bro!! 😀

  19. anthony66able says:

    I this freakin intro

  20. TheAwesomeCMPunkHD says:


  21. TheMrcodmaster133 says:

    big foig

  22. TheWWEsimulations says:

    @CullenHDavis Had a vote on which one to use and most wanted me to keep this, I think about 200 voted for this and 40 for to be loved. It was on the SvR fanpage and on a live stream a few weeks ago.

  23. 22fafofa says:

    0:10 wrestlemania!!!!!

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