Wuxi’s Magnetic Attractions

Wuxi’s Magnetic Attractions

Article by Pushpitha Wijesinghe

The charming Chinese city of Wuxi is an ideal holiday destinations due to its myriad cultural and historical attractions set amidst breath-taking natural beauty. The town is home to the 3rd largest lake in China, Taihu Lake whose mist shrouded waters shaded by the surrounding mountains are considered the soul of the region’s scenic and historic attractions due to its central location. Many picturesquely laid out gardens encircle the lake creating a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere of bewitching natural beauty.

Situated to the northeast of Taihu, Yuantouzhu Scenic Area provides a commanding view of the lake. It is also adorned by intricate water gardens set amidst carefully planned out landscapes. Li Garden located east of Yuantouzhu is a magnificent rockery blending in perfect harmony with its natural surrounding. Apart from the artistic rock display it also contains several unusual inscriptions in its “thousand pace promenade”. The northern bank of the lake is festooned by delightful plum blossoms giving rise to the name “Plum Garden Scenic Area”.

In addition to the charming wonders of nature, Wuxi is famed for its ancient historical and cultural attractions. Among the foremost cultural sites of the region a special place is accorded to “Lingshan Grand Buddha” which is one of the tallest Buddha statues of the world. Situated in the Lingshan Buddhist Scenic Area to the north of Taihu Lake, the magnificent construction epitomizes the artistic and technological superiority of the region’s rich heritage. Other popular historical sites are Three Kingdoms City, Shui Hu City and Tang City where visitors can witness ancient temples and palaces gaining a glimpse of the glory of China’s past.

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