WUPHF Social Networking from The Office – Ryan Howard

Short clip of Ryan “the temp” Howard’s new social networking site.. WUPHF.com. Taken from the season finale of NBC’s The Office, epsiode “The Whistle Blower” from May 20th, 2010. Visit www.slantedhouse.com for FREE music!
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  1. TishyTasha12 says:

    you know wuphf.com is reall

  2. 462kitkat says:

    @FroderickProductions hipsters are pricks

  3. theseanfletcher says:

    Does she say “Ryan, you have wolf on line one.”?

  4. sanitydotorg says:

    I came here looking for washington univerity public health fund

  5. FroderickProductions says:

    hes too much of a prick to be a hipster

  6. ItsOvechkin says:

    he’s such a hipster… its hilarious

  7. tjbmsp says:

    Ryan has become one of the best characters on television

  8. harrisontan says:

    This idea would be genius

  9. WiLLEDprototype says:

    @slantedhouserecords I say Season 2.

  10. ThELaStSoNxx says:

    I actually thought WUPHF was a good idea

  11. rockslideproductions says:

    This actually was a hella good idea.

  12. Rubiksguy97 says:


  13. StormRisingOriginal says:

    @deandelsol The Office was a bit more intellectual in the beginning. Now it is far more immature. But still good. Oh and they get all the good ideas from the stupid reality of office life and the dumb people in them

  14. longhorns13192 says:

    fire guy, fired guy, hired guy, the temp, wunderkind hahaha

  15. keithstah says:

    New Ryan, Old Ryan. Who cares. What’s scary is how true this is. People are walking around, looking at their hands like zombies. Quiet moment at the bar? Look at your phone. In a line more that has more than 4 people? Look at your phone. Not even a teenager, and you’re going out to dinner with your parents. Look at your phone for most of the evening. Technology rocks !

  16. Kaitlyn102798 says:

    ok, who bleached urkel?

  17. Ayinlolz says:

    I miss the old Ryan. Just sayin.

  18. hockeytofu101 says:

    dammit i hated it when ryan became a stupid hipster

  19. mihappy says:

    beats the heck out of facebook that’s for sure

  20. rice090 says:

    For the heck of it I guess, lol. Ryan’s kind of an impressionable guy, though, so he’ll go with whatever look he thinks suits the situation he’s in so he’ll fit in better. He dresses normally when he’s a temp, grows the beard and starts wearing more “designer” type clothes when he’s VP, makes his hairstyle more “rebellious” when he’s at the bowling alleys, and now that he’s comfortable at the office again, he’s free to follow the latest hipster fad.

  21. sippe555 says:

    @sukhjot2008 tbh you didn’t explain why he changed, you just mentioned everything he changes into :p

  22. bradyhsm says:

    worst characters are … female – Phyliss male – Gabe

  23. MrMasonSports says:

    @LaPicturesque that’s incorrect

  24. DarkCROWgaming says:

    hipster prick

  25. sukhjot2008 says:

    you guys need to watch the show again if you dont get why he changed, he was a shy temp then at the end of season 3 he gets promoted to michaels boss, you see in season 4 he starts to do drugs and stuff when michael visits him at clubs, and his fired at the end of season 4, he acts tough in season 4, attempts to be professional…season 5 i think you find out he is working at a bowling store and has bleached his hair then season 6 he becomes hip…its what everyone becomes over time…change

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