Would I Ever Date A Fan – Ask Sawyer

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  1. HaNerdHa says:

    I have played that song before… 0__0 that is somewhat creepy..

  2. Thomais Baltzi says:

    Do you really like classical music?? If you do I’m totally overwelmed!

  3. Maddie Carter says:

    is your horror film scary cause i am scared to watch it lol !

  4. Grace Elle says:

    You’re following me on Twitter. 🙂 It happened months ago, but it still makes me sooooo happy! <3 @MissGraceElle

  5. Mai K says:

    he would date fans… he likes classical music he’s frickin hilarious and not to mention attractive…. enough said haha

  6. Taylor Rutland says:

    Persnickety. Such an awesome word.

  7. liillemorslife says:

    please come to Norway! 

  8. mjmtz123 says:

    No he’s not they broke up

  9. Sam Rose says:

    Don’t worry about your odd music taste. I have sort of weird music taste, but my best friend likes to listen to classical music on her Spotify. 😛

  10. emiedwaa says:

    haha, but he has a girlfriend?

  11. Yesim M. says:

    he would date fans ?! FUCK YEAH ! :D

  12. Raquel Ribeiro says:

    Your taste of music is AMAZING! Marry me|

  13. TheChangerAround says:

    Check out Explosions in the Sky, Sawyer. ^.^ Their melodic, peaceful instrumentals are totally rad.

  14. bewilderedangel says:

    i fort he was dating blair

  15. Ian Wagner says:

    I <3 that you call this ASS lol. I have to have my friends come out and check out your ASS lol Just subscribed

  16. paolasmakeup97 says:

    Sawyer said that very attractive people follows him , well i followed him once and he followed me back ! DOES THIS MEAN I GET A CHANCE TO MARRY YOU ?!?!?!?

  17. Emma Lee says:

    you like classical music
    i love you

  18. toriii25 says:

    i fucking love classical.

  19. PeaceLoveLions90 says:

    Oh Sawyer I totally agree with you on classical music it’s fantastic and exhilarating!

  20. beacon920 says:

    whoa, deep taste in music. NICE 😀

  21. Yeahbuddyyyyyyyyyy says:

    i LOVE that his taste in music is not what i expected! I really thought he was gonna be all “i love rap…and my muscles..” but he completely surprised me and I really enjoyed that!!!

    i cant wait until we start dating …. 😛

  22. Molly Ross says:

    what happened with you Blair?!?!

  23. stephiexx94 says:

    swag is an old word for Secretly We Are Gay

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