World of Dance LA 2011 – Introducing the YTF Crew feat.. Ryan Higa, Kev Jumba D-Trix

‪Pacific Rim Video captures the introduction the YTF Crew (YouTube Friends) featuring Ryan Higa, KevJumba, JR Aquino, D-Trix Sandoval, Victor Kim at theWorld of Dance LA 2011 during the held at the Los Angeles Convention center in Los Angeles, CA this past Saturday, April 2, 2011. The event was hosted by Myron Marten, D-Trix Sandoval and TK Nguyen. Sponsored by Paul Mitchell, Verizonwireless, Scion, Monster Energy Drink, Scion, SoyJoy, RuReppin, MySpace‬ ‪Pacific Rim Video Staff ‬ ‪Producer Peter Gonzaga Directory of Photography Sthanlee B. Mirador‬ ‪Correspondents – Angelica Alumia, Chris Trondsen‬ ‪Videographers by Darene Imperial, Shelly Pan, Sharon Han‬ ‪Photographers Jay Santos, Terence Lee, John Salangsang‬
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. gdeb025 says:

    why is kevin not in YTF now?

  2. CookieLime says:

    YTF isnt YouTube Friends… fix the description xD

  3. Monis Irfan says:

    Is kevin still in ytf?

  4. 31Nady says:

    “Ryan Higa…! *crowd scream *me also scream in my bedroom ._.

  5. Vince L. says:

    JRA actually secretly dances, think of all the times he does the cat daddy, dougie and stanky leg… lol and hes part of group/crew called “those guys.” KevJumba USE to dance. Ryan is actually learning alittle lol. D-Trix and Victor are just the ones who officially dance.

  6. John Martinez says:

    They’re not dancers, only D-trix, and Victor, They were from quest crew.

  7. jyro domantay says:

    i love ryan higa he rocks!!!….asians go!!!

  8. superfangrr says:


  9. CROBlackDEvil says:

    im jelly :D and glad they succeded 🙂

  10. SerenaWeiner18 says:

    wheres chester and andrew garcia?????????…..

  11. misskatrina21 says:

    yeah where is chester and andrew?…hope to see ytf live!:(

  12. albertofilms2 says:

     habla espanol ?

  13. Ejay Bonilla says:

    where can i get those jackets and pretend im in YTF

  14. MJLover208 says:

    Its Yesterday Today Forever not YouTube Friends….

  15. aggibagg says:

    where is andrew and chester? it’s empty without you guys

  16. shinydino says:

    I wish I could go to a YTF concert.

  17. thesandbar2 says:


  18. TheBlueEyedBeasty says:

    Chester…? :'(

  19. Kyara7081 says:

    He left cause he join so you think you can dance, after that THEN he host ABDC, THEN YTF

  20. Kyara7081 says:

    And i just watched Quest Crew at world of dance vid….

  21. twinsis35 says:


  22. twinsis35 says:

    @uchihamadara3073 it’s coz Ryan is so handsome @nigahiga #nigahiga XD

  23. MMFxC says:

    its not YouTube Friends its ” yesterday today forever”

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