Words to live by – Week of Sawyer’s ASS’s #3

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  1. Katrina Smith says:

    i love how honest and genuien you are keep that quality i knw you like acting but your amazing film maker/directer you should submit somthing to the cans short film competition.

  2. TheBiebersgirl27 says:

    @HaileyLove11 he already has one he’s knows how much responsibility they are

  3. Animal3Luver says:

    OMG!! 😀 I hope you get that dog, it sounds like the cutest thing ever lol. I cant wait to see him in your vloggs !! (:

  4. The8Luny8One says:

    I just found out that sawyer Hartman and I share the same favorite ice creams.

    My life = Complete

  5. HaileyLove11 says:

    If you are too busy I don’t think it’s a good idea you get a dog, they are a big responsibility and a life commitment you can’t just get rid of it because you are too busy, so if you think you will be too busy you should not get a dog.

  6. HonestTruth45 says:

    Do you live in an apartment? Can you please please do a video on having a dog while living ing an apartment! i want to get one but i’m not sure if it’ll be hard, i mean i’m willing to take it out and i don’t want a big one but i have school and stuff so..

  7. xxxglowinthedarkxxx says:

    I think we’re just all waiting for the question about why they broke up lol

  8. ariannadubovikslife says:

    Butter pecan ice cream 🙂 omg delicious!

  9. dqjlol says:

    When youre good at something, never do it for free. – Jokeeeer

  10. Enchantelover247 says:

    Aw I love you Sawyer !! I have the same goal and dream as you - it would be great to work with you 🙂

  11. 000dangermouse000 says:

    ok how much time will he say that he wants to be in movies??

  12. jigwaffles says:

    miniature pomeranian husky mix…haha. we had a husky his name was rasco he was amazing!! have fun with your new dog :))

  13. NaturalBornCharlotte says:

    an interesting question would be: what do you think of the lavender town syndrome mystery?

  14. erinlecky11 says:

    i love your shirt!!

  15. BeautiQueen07 says:

    You know who you look like.. fricken Ryan Reynolds! God grief it took me forever to figure that out! We love ya too Sawyer!

  16. HIHHULIHEIHH says:

    I love you, Sawyer.

  17. lauraanddarina says:

    Omg your new dog sounds so cute !

  18. KeepSmiling416 says:


  19. DamnItsSoEnoying says:

    Hope you do get another dog but remember: DONT BUY, ONLY ADOPT!

  20. jordynsophiamakeup says:

    ur the most inspirational person i watch on youtube!! ur gonna make it big in hollywood sawyer

  21. Chicroussevogue says:

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  22. DerpCupcake says:

    OH im the top comment i hope SAWYER sees it *o*

  23. mevgirl06 says:

    And here come the under 300 posts

  24. Maria Van Steward says:

    u r to serious! my goodness

  25. Savannah Rae says:

    Love you sawyer!! & @innerblonde5000 Hahahahahaha it kinda did! Lol!

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