WLAN Configuration using WLAN Station Model

SORRY FOR THE VERY LOW SOUND This video shows simple configuration of WLAN traffic using WLAN Station Model It also Shows the difference between the WLAN Station and Workstation Model For Application & Profile Configuration for traffic generation, please refer to my other video
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  1. ahmed47712 says:

    i made every step u did here in thin video but when i pressed run many errors showed can u pls suggest me whatt is the problem i need help with this opnet if you can mail me at ahmednassir2@hotmail.com thanx

  2. Abdul-Kareem Shukri says:

    Thank you

  3. Tahir Aziz says:

    I got IT Guru Academic Opnet 9.1, which doesn’t facilitate click the object to open the properties. Do you like to share what particular version you are using. I am working on my project and need to show simulation. Can you please bail me out? Thanks

  4. naumovwise says:

    Thank you, helped me with my assignment

  5. oldmilwaukee87 says:

    Thank you very much, your video helped me to learn to work with opnet and use it for doing simulations for my thesis.
    Thanks a lot!!, greetings from Colombia.

  6. ibtissem1988 says:

    thank you very much

  7. j0oo0oo0ry says:

    pleaaaaaaaaase help me here


    please 🙁
    opnet will make me cry

  8. 4shizzle says:

    Hi im using opnet modeller 14.5 to simulate Zigbee, but i keep geting errors.. HELP please!!!

  9. jorgevzz3124 says:


  10. Larry Lo says:

    This is an excellent video for WLAN configuration !

  11. paulcitytech says:

    Hello Can you please hook me up on the installer

  12. jonhbarber says:

    hi, can u plz upload a video on how manets can be simulated in opnet. thanks

  13. sneh24487 says:

    Please upload some more like this. It’s really helpful in understanding the basic things about opnet..Please upload some more.

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