WISDOM IN GOLF; Feel Braced Tilt Down Line by Shawn Clement

www.shawnclementgolf.com Shawn Clement, 2011 Ontario PGA Teacher of the Year Nominee and Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre, CLASS A CANADIAN PGA MEMBER, shows you how to use your feel and awareness to the low point of the swing to center your brace and tilt and to show you what it looks like and what to look for in the down the line view;
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  1. clemshaw says:

    @hockeya10 Whoa, dude! Your body parts are not there to sabotage you! ­čÖé You must understand how you are wired as a human on planet earth; see “ridiculously easy part 1 and 2; shawn´╗┐ clement” and then see “sledge hammer golf; shawn clement” which in the last 5 minutes shows you the 5 steps of how to focus; If you are focused on delivering your action to a specific target with a specific shape of shot in mind, you cannot go over the top; if you leave your target at any point mentally, TOAST!

  2. hockeya10 says:

    PLEASE HELP ME!!! i need help with´╗┐ my hip movement on my DOWNSWING!!!!
    my hips look like they are shooting TOO FAST and my upper body falls behind and if you can say gets stuck…. i think
    my right heel raises up TOO FAST as a result…my divots point left(im a righty) and i always have to play a small fade as that has become my natural swing….HOW CAN I FIX THIS????? MY DRIVER IS KILLLING ME BECAUSE THE HIP MOVEMENT RUINS MY SPINE ANGLE AT IMPACT!!!!!HEEELLLPPP!!!!


    once again an excellent instructional video. I bought your dvd 4 years ago and´╗┐ you still manage to enlighten me. Superb analogies.

  4. Baliol says:

    @clemshaw …I think there is confusion in´╗┐ understanding what is meant by release… the default for golf newbies is to release to the ball… with experience one learns to release to the target… I think that releasing to the ball is the default for most golfers… even the pros make release to the ball errors with disastrous results… Baliol

  5. maxpf says:

    @Loyal2Tdot he probably won┬┤t say that over a youtube´╗┐ comment ­čśë just write him an email

  6. clemshaw says:

    @danason20501 Right ON!! ´╗┐ I am very happy about that! Shawn

  7. clemshaw says:

    @Baliol I am glad you see the depth in that one and brought that up! Thanks´╗┐ Baliol! ­čÖé
    See you on the forum! Shawn

  8. clemshaw says:

    @tededwardsdc Thank you very much´╗┐ Ted! Shawn

  9. clemshaw says:

    @Loyal2Tdot I only do about 80 to 100 lessons a week…LOL! Go to my website and check out the´╗┐ contact page and you will see the info for our learning centre at the Richmond Hill Golf Club; Looking forward to seeing you there! Shawn

  10. Loyal2Tdot says:

    Hey Shawn, I live close by Toronto. Just wondering if you do lessons, if yes what is the price range for a 5 lesson´╗┐ package

  11. JuliusJueLi says:

    Another great video. Thank you Shawn.´╗┐ I have developed a feeling of draw but no feeling of fade. I will keep practicing.

  12. dschlinz says:

    Bravo Shawn!!! Thanks for taking the time to´╗┐ add this extra insight.

  13. tededwardsdc says:

    Thanks Shawn. I recall someone saying that Travino had to switch from being a hitter to a swinger in order to compete on the Champions tour ( when he still played it).´╗┐

    I had no idea how to do that until I found you, got your fabulous DVD series and subscribed to your YouTube.

    No one teaches how to swing a golf club with more clarity and simplicity. Thanks to knowing you, at least online, I am a much better golfer.

  14. Andamangolfer888 says:

    Thank you´╗┐ for clearing this up with this follow up video. Good explanation. Cheers!

  15. Baliol says:

    Sean 3:14 says “You need to be square as you are releasing to the´╗┐ target through dynamic motion.”

    Pure gold.

  16. danason20501 says:

    Very good, I’m following your most recent uploads, and my learning progression is exactly matched with what you’re doing right now. I know how to get the ball flight going straight now, and now I’m ready to learn how to draw fade. This´╗┐ feels more like an online course, awesome thanks for the help. I will try this the next time I’m at the driving range this weekend.

  17. akyyyy says:

    Thx´╗┐ Sean.

  18. mckyj says:

    another great video ! Thanks´╗┐ Shawn

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