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  1. mudpuppy9402 says:

    I would buy a small house for myself and family first and then open a outreach center in my town-try to provide housing,food,jobs and such to those in need. Would also have to figure out how to keep it all running financially. (I already do this small scale-but I wanna do more). Brenda from Chainsaw Plus in Marshall Arkansas

  2. K2Neume says:

    I would put the $300,000 and put it towards my parents retirement. I want them to have a happy life for the rest of their life. And get my father out of debt

  3. 31margret says:

    Anik, I would take Part of my $300,000 for a trip around the world, pay off my house, the rest I would use to increase my Business and help less fortunate Entrepreneurs get started in Internet Marketing.

  4. AffiliateHotlist says:

    I would use my first $300,000 to earn even more money so that I can buy the Golden Gate Bridge. Internet marketing is the bridge to success! According to the Golden Gate Bridge organization, they earned over $97 Million dollars in FY 2008-2009 Thank you, Benny

  5. Monstersalez says:

    Ummm…I would quit my Job…lol
    Get the Empire Formula – It Rocks!

  6. playlearnguitar says:

    If I made my first 300,000 dollars I would pay off all my debt.
    Thats house credit cards equity loan, and medical bills.
    Take my wife,my parents, and my mother inlaw on some great vacations.
    As a Cancer Survivor I would donate money to Cancer research, and Saint Judes
    childrens hospital

  7. David Dunbar says:

    Frirst I would place my mother in a much better rest home. One like a 5-Star Hotel, then I would secure my 16 year old daughters future in medical school, she wants to be a Pediatrition. Then I would pay off all my bills and take my entire family to Itally for a vacation of a lifetime. God Bless, David Dunbar

  8. Dharam Pal says:

    I would initially pay off any debts first, then invest part of the money into my business and also help my family and friends with the rest.

  9. Cheerok says:

    I second StevenDean4’s comment its the far most effective way to be able to clean your past, solidify the present and prepare the future of your financial and social stand in life
    so i dont wanna copy it but i say
    wanna hear my plans for the first 300.000 i would make ? Read his comment

  10. StevenDean4 says:

    If I made my first 300,000 dollars I would first pay off my debts, second invest some of that money back into my business, third help those who have helped me get where I am today by giving them either a gift or what not, and lastly I would save the rest.

  11. nielskvik says:

    If I had earned $ 300 000 on the internet, I will pay my (little) debt, then I’ll spend some money to help children and parents with cancer to make their lives easier

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