William and Kate: Kiss on Balcony (Buckingham Palace) ROYAL WEDDING 29th April 2011

Prince William and Kate and their first (public) kiss as married couple on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and the huge crowd is celebrating them. The rest …
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  1. blackmarket76 says:

    Some hidden news about the queen. See why ‘she’ is unable to smile like a warm blooded being. The victims stories brought a tear to my eyes.

  2. deng Karen says:


  3. CaptainSpauIding says:

    It would be better if the low class assholes stop purchasing them, they would be no more.

  4. tyrone jayacodi says:

    Enough is more than enough the filthy Dirty Stinking mags like cosmos publishing fotos of any person is absolutetly disgusting, i hope the royal family will destroy the filthy magazine once and for all, these pigs who take these fotos must be burnt alive and shown on TV

  5. Marlena Glossy says:

    Camilla and Charles <333 Lovely :d

  6. charlottexq says:

    HM The Queen is only being polite and just tolerates Camilla having been put under pressure from idiot Charles. HM The Queen has indicated several times before she has little time for the wretched troublesome evil Camilla whore and is actually on record as calling her “THAT WICKED WOMEN” – wicked being the old fashioned use of the word [sic] “Having a character disposed to, serious cruel and wilful wrongdoing; bad-tempered; morally depraved, shameful, spiteful, malicious and vicious”!

  7. Mikey Ramone says:

    Love this video <3 Congratulations the Royal Family! 😀

  8. Cl4udiano says:

    Kate was in high school with me and she had a one night stand on a 2 days school trip with my best friend. She was 17. the outcome? A blowjob finished by swallowing and some foreplay down on her… absolutely no sex that night, she told him she wouldn’t do it with strangers

    from that moment for all of us in the class she became Kate the “vacuum cleaner”

  9. TheHazDav says:

    I want the queen to stay alive Charles to die and Kate and will on thrown within ten years
    Soo cute together

  10. uppanadam74 says:

    They won’t but England will..and then they will…it all works out!!

  11. FLGeneralSS says:

    I hope they wil die soon !

  12. Paul Simon Case says:

    When it comes to Glorifying a Criminal Family, which is fact not opinion and been proven! I have a low intolerance for your royalist bullshit!

  13. WeAreXgr says:

    50287 dumbs (excluding myself coz of pause button) watched this vid! PLZ DELETE THIS VIDEO FROM YOUTUBE!

  14. DaylightInMyHeart says:

    Kate was a gorgeous bride!

  15. Chaos23x says:

    Kate and William look lovely, and 2:29… no camilla… just no 😛

  16. L Anderson says:

    I doubt it, they dated for 10 years before they got married. dating for 10 years while staying a virgin seems unlikely..

  17. ziggyzap100 says:

    lets just hope they don’t ruin kate like they did diana.

  18. mythelou says:

    he’s handsome, but he’s balding 😀

  19. Euphoria1427 says:

    Ahahahhahah wtf xD

  20. Floor Jansen says:

    sooo cute.

  21. 161eliane says:

    wie süß…

  22. IcePackie says:

    He looks like Captain Crunch and she looks like a $2 whore from the London underground scene.

  23. liifewithgeorgia says:

    No, she wasnt a virgin until the marriage because she was wearing an ivory dress which means she’s not a virgin:]

  24. Cl4udiano says:

    was she virgin ’till the marriage?

  25. VigisKane says:

    wonderful day

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