Will Social Networking Replace the Traditional Marketing of the Past

Will Social Networking Replace the Traditional Marketing of the Past

Article by Jonathan Boyd

As social networking continues to grow and reach mainstream appeal, the future implications of social networking, as a whole, may go deeper. While of course, social networking is only in its infancy, many are already seeing profound long term benefits of social networking reaching well into the future. Not only is social networking an excellent platform, for ordinary people to meet and interact all over the world, many are seeing its business implications to be even more far reaching.

Social networking has been able to generate millions in profit and revenue for thousands of forward thinking companies all over the world. While some are looking at social networking to be only a fad, and merely a sign of the times, others are already seeing its potential impact as profound and far reaching. Will social networking one day replace human interaction altogether? The answer is most likely, no. But will social networking affect the way we do business well into the 21st century? The answer is undoubtedly, yes.

While traditional companies may have had to spend thousands, to even millions of dollars every year in complex and expensive marketing campaigns, many modern day entrepreneurs are doing about the same thing, for little or no money. Before social networking this is was altogether impossible, but today, it is starting to become the norm. Social networking platforms allow their users free access to their own site, and webpage, connecting them with up to thousands, even millions of potential clients and associates. But will social networking really become the next marketing avenue of the future?

The answer is it already has. Social networking has begun to create enormous buzz in the business community, and this awareness is only growing. Many companies are even looking at social networking as possibly a key element to their success in the future. Many companies already look at social networking as a cheaper alternative to big budget marketing, and have successful strategies already in place. Many businesses are also seeing social networking as a great tool in meeting people, such as potential customers and clients, as well as developing a better personal relationship with each customer. This relationship can be extremely valuable to businesses looking to gain better credibility and trust among their consumer base.

No matter what your business, social networking may offer your company a new level of access to customers, previously unknown in recent times. Not only is it important to know your customers, it is absolutely essential for the prosperity of your business in the future. By better understanding your consumers’ needs, you will better understand how to meet these needs, thus turning it into further profitability for your company. Social networking has no doubt taken our 21st century world by storm, but the real question is, will its implications reach far into the future? There are as many people on each side of the fence. But as far as the practical use of social networking in today’s business age, the verdict is already out.

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