5 Replies to “Will Smith Shares Success Secrets For Young Entrepreneurs”

  1. Will Smith Shares Success Secrets For Young Entrepreneurs
    Will Smith Shares Success Secrets For Young Entrepreneurs

  2. Strongly disagree. Greatness came to several persons in Will’s business.
    They simply believed, went down the path of ‘their dreams’ and got lost.
    Please don’t mistake this comment as one from a hater. Consider it as
    someone has been there and done that with the work ethic. It is a lie,
    either intentional or inadvertent. Note the reactions of interviewers, from
    Charlie Rose to Tavis Smiley. They are listening, but seem conscious that
    the whole story is not being told. Read “The Alchemist” (Coelho). As a
    novel it works, but not in life. This is pop psychology for 13 year olds
    (as you could see in the clip), but nothing near to the ‘die for’ decision
    that came from say, Martin Luther King whose focus was laser-like. The
    universe did not get out his way.

    Wake up people. We should be afraid (as was King) but success is seeing the
    mountaintop, not success in entrepreneurship. A dream is important, but
    something important is missing in this talk. Is it posted because it is
    the best advice or because Will Smith is saying it? Look closer.

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