Will Buying FACEBOOK Stocks make you RICH? or BROKE?

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  1. round12tko says:


  2. CountNadir says:

    what about amazon or google

  3. FishBowl911 says:

    I got zukered and lost $2500 dollars.  Lucky I only put in $5000 dollars to start with. Damn you Facebook….damn you ! Learn from me and don’t get ZUCKERED.

  4. hugh kaaf says:

    i dont have fb acount


    Fakebook share prices crash, crash, crash…Who could see it in advance?
    *PE ratio over 100 (good companies are under 10…)
    *Little to NO real Growth potential in China + India
    *900 m ‘users’ is actually @ 200m (taking away ppl who cannot delete a/c and multiple a/c holders)
    *Google+ will squash FB anyway
    Worth @ $3 share ($5 if u r optimistic)

    Sheep get slaughtered

  6. wavepattern says:

    See my comments from 2 weeks ago – BEFORE FB crash…
    but wait theres more crashing to come.
    ‘Smart’ investors bought this stock???

  7. Quentin Mayo says:

    +4 months later and the stocks are down to 20$

  8. wavepattern says:

    August 16 will be (another) disaster for FB share price; initial shareholders (before public offering) will be legally allowed to sell (DUMP) the massively overpriced stock onto a market where nobody (intelligent) will but it !! (remember Myspace and dozens of others; Google+ will easily outcompete FB in this market anyway)
    August 16 sell-off (DUMPING) will see $ Share Price crash even further!. Supply+ Demand: easy equation here boys n girls says Crash to $15…$10…it’s worth $3 a share!

  9. wavepattern says:

    FRAUDBOOK WAS/IS MASSIVELY OVERPRICED. I told all FB buyers that it was Massively overpriced BEFORE it went on public sale. I was called a ‘troll’ ‘hater’, ‘negative’…by impotent childish LOSERS. I did however cite technical and other reasons WHY IT WAS AND IS MASSIVELY OVERPRICED;P/E Ratio among them
    All FB Shareholders (Losers) only have yourselves to blame. Pay attention to what educated investors say. FB is, based on $ earnings + realistic growth (if any), worth about
    $3 A SHARE !!

  10. mikimball says:

    Everyone is blaming Zuckerberg; what about the Wall Street financial institutions that fraudulently overvalued the value of the stock at the outset of the IPO? They then engaged in insider trading, made a lot of money, and then sold short, got rich and left the small investor holding the bag. Once again the American people get victimized by Wall Street. Where is our bail out? Why aren’t people angry about this? I don’t get it.

  11. fliptthescript says:

    so everyone is on the buffett band wagon again. Buffet lost billions over last few years in his investments. Even his juggarnaut coke is getting out skilled by pepsi which we all know taste better. Just cause he says hes not sure about it doesn’t mean its bad. If he said its good you all would be buying it. HE didn’t buy google either and that stock is super hot its what over 500 dollars a share now. Quick kissing buffetts ass he old school style is not working anymore.

  12. MrMakaranylay says:

    facebook is bad one they send cookies around to pc for who use facebook?

  13. Bart Wouters says:

    Facebook Inc. is getting support from two big-name advertisers after tough questions over the effectiveness of its ads.

    On Tuesday, Ford Motor Co. and Coca-Cola Co. separately said they found value in Facebook advertising and Ford plans to expand its use of the social network in advertising.

  14. Deen S says:

    PEOPLE get smart and educate yourselves on PHYSICAL PRECIOUS METALS especially SILVER and start investing. Great person to research on precious metals is MIKE MALONEY.

  15. Bart Wouters says:


  16. ChiroQuacker says:

    this stock is going down
    there is a 90 period that fb employees cant sell the stock from the date of the ipo
    well.,…on that 90th day there will be a huge sell off and this shit will be down to 10 bucks
    if u are holding this shit…i feel sorry for u my nigga

  17. nonayou damnbusiness says:

    Ah the old pump and dump.

  18. 829speedy says:

    yup. I would only ever invest in physical gold and silver

  19. jamaalknight says:

    Facebook will go belly up

  20. gukobi says:

    Unfortunatley they target the elderly who have put their life savings into the market and still trust the talking heads.

  21. TheDutyPaid says:

    Facebook was valued at 100 times what it makes it a year, so saying you bought Facebook for 100 billion you would not get a return on the current model for a 100 years.

    Do they think anyone will still be using Facebook in a 100 years or even still remember it?

    I can see it being replaced with in 5 years.

  22. bminster23 says:

    Facebook shares worth 0.01

  23. bminster23 says:

    It doesn’t make jack shit..that’s why fb is plunging..get ur facts right!


    It makes money from marketing

  25. bminster23 says:

    Yes Facebook will fall hard bc well what dose it make?…nothing! ..now the maker of Facebook wants to make a phone bc of his stupidity ..Facebook should have not gone public!..don’t buy the stock..buy silver n gold!

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