Why social networking is the favorite in the modern time ?

Why social networking is the favorite in the modern time ?

Article by Marry

Experienced in the previous round, after the climax of the Social change (English full name Social Networking Services, abbreviations for SNS) once again become the hot spot of the Internet industry. Whether the Internet giant, or small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, all of this field to give eager concern.

But, with the leisure entertainment primarily to round, this round of different social agitation in e-commerce, all the other Internet business for the fusion of characteristics. With social networking into characteristics, let SNS more practical and tool, become the industry continuously explore new direction.

A new round of social change new in where

Obviously the two-way development trend: on the one hand, in the other category of Internet businesses into social product, on the other hand, the start of the social networking site to other related business category expansion

“In 2011, clean out treasure must SNS change”. In the 2011 annual meeting of the clean out treasure speech, Mr Ma social change as clean out treasure, 2011’s “the five must” first.

In fact, the interest of SNS taobao has a long history, as early as in 2009 when a high social networking site launched social product “tao river lake”, since then and Chinese yahoo’s reputation nets to into the clean out treasure. According to Mr Ma planning, “the more DuoRen understand SNS to clean out treasure, participate in taobao, sharing clean out treasure.”

Baidu also has not give up in a social product areas. In addition to baidu stick, baidu know, baidu, such as wikipedia outside positioning for the socialization of search based on q&a nets platform “baidu knowledge” in June of this year 8, baidu hoping to build online, a high-end socialization q&a session communication platform. Baidu also already online sharing function test.

As a social areas of the dominant position, tencent is also constantly occupy the strength. July, became popular in the world of social networking game “CityVille” of the Chinese version of the star beautiful city of formal land tencent beta open platform.

Great literature is launched with sina micro bo’s cooperation, the two sides, the clouds bind to each other users of the readers can read book city will experience, experience forwarding to the blog, and close friends, the bo friends share can also be comments and synchronization to the cloud, and realize the process of reading book city interactive experience. This interaction-through the social relationship popularize the bibliography, on the other hand has a chance to pass bibliography further expand social relationship, and to expand the scale of reading the user.

In the process, the professional field social networking site began to present a fast growth trend. The data from the sky nets show, at present registered users up to 6.5 million new users per month, and 250000.

As to the entrepreneurs, social networking is also a full of opportunities in the field, innovation investment socialization q&a workshop site “know the”, “fire” entrepreneurial teams are in mobile social networking field constantly send force.

At the same time, into the bottleneck of the traditional social networking site is accelerated the pace of evolution self, actively looking for new business grafting point: the watercress, rolled out called “watercress business” and “the end of the world business” in the new system, a foray into the electronic commerce, happy nets also tried to everyone in, 团购网 docking station nets in glutinous rice nets, and announced it will buy million video sharing site wholly 56 nets, send force video. Social networking site presents comprehensive terrace trend.

“In this round of social change wave is obviously the two-way trend of development.” Analysts said, on the one hand, in the other category of Internet businesses into or expanding social products, try the SNS genes are delivered to the existing products, of products of “social change”, on the other hand, the start of the social networking site to other related business expand, opposite and do category, e-commerce, search, music, video and so on various Internet application gradually and social integration.

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