Why Network Marketing is an amazing tool


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  1. nomorehardwork says:

    What if I told you that you can make 3000 dollars online with a well established company no HYPE. Send me an email to nomorehardwork@gmail.com to find out more!!!

  2. nomorehardwork says:

    What if I told you that you can make 3000 dollars online with a well established company no HYPE. Send me an email to nomorehardwork@gmail.com to find out more!!!

  3. beenu khadka says:

    Hello there, have you considered “Thousands 4 Surveys” (google it)? On their website you can find valuable information and facts about the way to make easy cash online by just responding to simple and easy questionnaires. It helped Gary to work from the comfort of home and have the benefit of monetary freedom super fast. Perhaps it will help you as well…

  4. blueboy251 says:

    Go look up the best MLM company in the world. 5Linx, then call me 251-232-8056 ( Kerry ). Plus im living a great lifestyle in network marketing. If your interested I will give you all the info you need.

  5. lancermohin003 says:

    Hi there, have you heard of the Zerlux Cash Code (search google)? I found these cool methods that teach you how to make more money from home.

  6. bowilliamson says:

    w w w bowilliamson.zeekrewards. c o m

  7. theplanesfly says:

    And how are they still open? Look out there pay out look at the compensation plan, a pyramid scheme is when its money for money no service or product. Step your game up and mindset up

  8. theplanesfly says:

    Watch the video idiot.

  9. theplanesfly says:

    Yea like I said of course I would go with Robert Kiyosaki philosophy that’s proven than your yours you dont have millions your opinion is not accurate but hey ive seen it done over and over, 6 figures a month by the end of 2012.

  10. theplanesfly says:

    Haha well remember my name Noah Cross. Subscribe 

  11. Jason Kirkpatrick says:

    BBB is a private company and ratings aren’t always what you people think they are. Sounds like you didn’t go to college? MLM is one of the dumbest concepts I’ve ever heard of. It’s been around for along time too – Amway, ACN – all have been prosecuted for fraud and operating pyramid schemes.

  12. theplanesfly says:

    Mlm is similar to college they say 2-5 years you’ll truly have the skill and mindset and education and experience, that’s proven just like college some people lose there way and money just as in college and quit, so get educated on this subject before you want to debate and actually and numbers instead of going of this inexperience skeptical mindset, get in the game before you talk about being in the game your a spectator, my lifestyle will speak for itself

  13. theplanesfly says:

    Better Business Bureau

  14. Jason Kirkpatrick says:

    It’s true you don’t need college to be successful (if you’re smart), however, if you’re stupid enough to fall for an MLM scam, you might want to get a little more education..

  15. Samim Hosen says:

    Hello, have you heard about “Thousands 4 Surveys” (do a Google search for it)? On their website you can find beneficial information and facts on the way to make easy money on the internet just by filling out simple and easy reviews. This made it easier for Gary to work from the comfort of home and thus enjoy economical independence very fast. I hope it will work for you as well…

  16. Millionchaser says:

    **ATTENTION** Have you been looking for a Real Change in your life? Wish to be part of something Great – Truly have the Power & Control to Make a Positive Impact? Do you have a Burning Desire to Succeed & Be Significant in Other People’s Lives? You can be part of one of the biggest & most lucrative industries in the World!

    You were Created for Greatness! For more information e-mail Millionchaser@gmail.com or call Carlos Diaz at 469-879-6195. Serious Inquiries Only Please – God Bless!

  17. theplanesfly says:

    Lol sure it is guy. Well throughout history its been shown over and over you dont have to be “educated” to be wealthy, and untill you join a mlm company and get scammed out your little money come talk to me. I dont need college, self education get you some books kid

  18. Jason Kirkpatrick says:

    You wouldn’t even be finished college by that time. MLM is a huge scam – you really need to educate yourself on business and economics because you sound like a little kid.

  19. theplanesfly says:

    Lol you dont know what im going to be.

  20. Jason Kirkpatrick says:

    Sorry, you’re definitely not going to be a millionaire before you hit 21 – not with Network Marketing at least. Slow and steady wins the race. Network Marketing is just another term for Multi-Level Marketing which are mostly Get Rich Schemes.

  21. theplanesfly says:

    Id be embarrassed to try to bring others down to build myself up like yourself, at the end of the day ill be a millionaire before I hit 21 and you’ll still be average at the same place in life making the same amount, comfortable money that’s if you don’t get laid off, good look bud.

  22. David Ledet says:

    Haha, I’d be embarrassed too if I got tricked into joining a Get Rich Scheme.

  23. theplanesfly says:

    I write like a 4 year old? Immature dude, want even waste my time going back and forth with the broke.

  24. David Ledet says:

    Well, you write like a 4 year old, but at least you spelled “misspell” correctly which is commonly misspelled. Okay, back to the discussion. ACN is a well known Get Rich Scheme that has been prosecuted various times. Trump and Kiyosaki get paid to endorse this scam. I’m a manager of a division of a company (yes I’m an employee), but I also own shares in the company I work for. My MONTHLY income last year was $8,750 (not including profit sharing). What was your monthly income last year? Be honest

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