Why I QUIT Using Magnetic Sponsoring

Dillard.StopMakingLists.com mike dillard is a great guy… magnetic sponsoring was initially helpful… But you HAVE to see what mike dillard IS NOT offering you. Compare the Mastermind system to magnetic sponsoring for 1 week for only . That’s what I did… You will NEVER go back to magnetic sponsoring again.
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  1. Brian Davis says:

    you have over 13,000 views and your video is at the top of a very popular key phrase “Magnetic Sponsoring” and you let your domain expire. I looked up your domain and it’s now selling for $28,000. The maker of this video should be kicking his self.

  2. Abdul Waheed says:

    Lol, you do know your link is dead right?

  3. newsimplemarketing1 says:

    That’s the whole idea of the course is to learn how you can brand yourself. Its not just to promote his system. Its optional if you want too do so. You pay for the lessons, and if you want to do the affiliate program its free for you to use.

  4. SexFoodMusic says:

    You are NOT doing what Mike Dillard says to do. You are a BAD rep of Mike.

  5. lilhomes12 says:

    Hey guys, i’ve beeb fan of Magnetic Sponsoring for a while now and love the science and knowledge behind it. I see you guys had this conversation 2 years ago and i’m just curious how it turned out for you guys now in 2012?

  6. peter isla says:

    You want a legit company. Come and join us to catch the wave to a healthy and wealthy life

  7. MLMRockStarsdotCom says:

    Obviously the marketing system this guy was using is now defunct. If you’re looking for a good alternative, check out my system, the MLM Rock Stars system…

  8. michael20schumacher says:

    Beach Bum Personally Sponsors over 450 reps in 9 months. See How he did it at NetworkMoneyMarketing DOT C O M

  9. Climb2win says:

    This is why I love network marketing! Great video! Have you been told about The Instant Downline yet? After months of programming and preparation we have launched the worlds only forced matrix recruiting system for the North American Power business opportunity. The opportunity is free to join and the marketing system is free to use I would really love your input on what we have created. Please check out our channel for a link to the site. Thanks!

  10. wayne justin says:

    thank you. you are on the right track

  11. Mariano Viloria says:

    Good Point Matt!


  12. SuccessWithRandy says:

    Good review, Matt!

    Magnetic Sponsoring is a REQUIREMENT for everyone in my team. But it is NOT the entry point – nor are the generic landing pages provided by the company.
    As you state, you need to personally brand yourself. You need personal landing pages to build your own list.
    We use Magnetic Sponsoring as a back-end affiliate product, however.

    Randy Reek

    PS. Leaders and success leave clues, and smart people will follow!

  13. unstopable2431 says:

    The only MLM system that works for itself is ONE24.  Wouldnt run into these problems


  14. mycreativefreedom says:

    A tip I heard about using is brand yourself first, get the people coming to you, then after you’ve built a relationship and they invest with your team, then you offer Magnetic Sponsoring or any other affiliate program. I’m glad I did get Magnetic Sponsoring because it did open my eyes to some powerful information, and I definitely would pass it along to a member of my downline for some good education, of course explaining that I would receive a commission.

  15. goodgirlsguide says:

    – true – the first couple of links have your affiliate link on themn then suddenly – they type in another form and suddenly – your affiliate link is nowhere to be found. that’s why he get $30Million and you get nothing. Put you links through the test, you’ll see what I mean. You are right – he gets your leads.

  16. goodgirlsguide says:

    – true – the first couple oflink have your affiliate link on themn then suddenly – they type in another form and suddenly – your affiliate link is nowhere to be found. that’s why he get $30Million and you get nothing. Put you links through the test, you’ll see what I mean. You are right – he gets your leads.

  17. goodgirlsguide says:

    …. yes – a typo I think.

  18. jcExtraordinaryLivin says:

    What is “Mslp”?
    Do you mean MLSP . . . MLM Lead System Pro?

  19. pmasteria says:

    Hi , I’m from Thailand. I have one of the best business for you.
    Just come in my channel.

  20. goodgirlsguide says:

    It jonhathon Budd right? His system is much more symplified but I’m all out of cash…. Mslp sucked it out of me : )

  21. goodgirlsguide says:

    is it GVO?

  22. KennyAtcheson says:

    Buy the training and books from Mike and Jonathan for the TRAINING and you won’t care as much about who is being branded. Affiliate marketing is so abused by everyone.  If the price of their products aren’t fair without the affiliate commission then you shouldn’t recommend it. Typically in branding someone else….that’s what you have to do until you are a brand yourself so keep at it.

  23. toocute2bstr8 says:

    If you feel like you’ve been scammed contact me soseedmarket@gmail.com You cant make up the time you lost but you can make up the money you lost.

  24. Number1RenettoFan says:

    The first time someone opts into your capture page they are yours. As soon as they test drive the system for a dollar they are Budds also and they will receive his emails plus yours.

  25. Number1RenettoFan says:

    you are contradicting yourself. You quit using Magnetic sponsoring because you were building Dillards list, but you are using the mastermind system and building Budds list.

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