Why I Quit Empower Network & You Can Too!

Hey guys… so several people have asked me why I stopped doing my women’s hangout, and why I haven’t been active in promoting Empower Network. I got tired o…
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  1. Holly Dawn Hewlett says:

    It is about time folks started telling the truth about EN….for me it was
    when Dave cheated on his wife, then turned it into a big sob story!!!

  2. Joseph Conway says:

    Hi Katie, my name is Joe Conway and I have been in empower network for
    about 8 months not making money, I watched your video and saw you are from
    Columbus,I was always wandering if anyone else in empower network was from
    Columbus also. Well I could not find your link so if you get a chance ;can
    you send it to jbcplumbing@gmail.com. Unfortunatley I just bought tickets
    to the Charlette event and have to go ,but if you have something that I can
    make money sooner I will check it out. Thanks Katie

  3. Michael Blongiewicz says:

    its not about the team you join or when you get in a company. those are
    just excuses of why you didnt succeed. if you want your desired outcome,
    you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. EN gives the best
    training in my opinion as far as internet marketing goes. you did a nice
    job of getting people to join your new opportunity. To me its a red flag
    for people who jump ship and switch companies a lot. Just my 2 cents :)

  4. Angie Tonini-Rogers says:

    were you in vegas last weekend for dsd?
    i also had multiple charges a while back for inner circle & blogging
    system…i called and they refunded it…

  5. Katie Vega says:

    Thanks for stopping by Gwane. EN works for some people; but I agree you
    need to use the knowledge to leverage other programs if you want the
    education. Make sure you join a team that has masterminds and value, versus
    ‘sink or swim’ mentality.

  6. Rey Lara says:

    Hi Katie my name is Rey. Im the one how sent you a message earlier. Is it
    to late to get in?

  7. Gordon Clark says:

    ok i have the answer if you really want to make money online and im not
    joking either i will give you all my link to join and also you can watch my
    youtube vidoes and but i need you all to tell me if you got this message
    cheers dont miss the boat on this one 

  8. Stephanie Maldonado says:

    Sounds like you joined the wrong team hun…. Not all teams and leaders are
    created equal. My team and upline are super helpful

  9. Ashley Mcilvain says:

    oH WOW! This has been happening to me to! Its complete crap I left in
    September. lets chat mcilvainashley@hotmail.com

  10. Gilberto Lerma says:

    Manu Mair she is beautiful….

  11. Manu Mair says:

    Your beautiful ;)

  12. Penelope416 says:

    Well I’m glad that you’ve finally found something that works for you. I
    believe that it depends on the team you join and that goes for any MLM. it
    has to feel like a TEAM. That’s why you have to be careful. I’m glad I have
    found a team that provides information, expressionism and support. Good
    luck with your Dropshipping business!

  13. BoBosworth56 says:

    The Empower Network is a huge scam. David Wood is a balding scammer.

  14. Gilberto Lerma says:

    Its mostly because the company has a structure that requires you to have
    thousands of poeple under you to make $5000 and most people dont like
    that…. Look for a high ticket opportunity that can make you money with
    fewer people…..

  15. Daniel Royer says:

    love the video, good job and glad some people wised up on EN, there is
    really only one way to any cash online and LSN has the right tools in one
    place. I friended request you Katie, keep up the good work. 

  16. Leo Hokkanen says:

    Need Sb to help you make it happen? Check this out http://imfreevideo.com

  17. David Nieuwenhoven says:

    I think its biggest problem is that the products are not stand alone
    products. Outside EN no one would buy their products. Unlike Amway,
    Isagenix etc people buy the products on their own and some then do the
    opportunity. If all your products are just about recruiting people and
    creating traffic its hard for newbies to be successful :)

  18. rob fraser says:

    It’s takes a lot of work and isn’t cut out for everyone! 

  19. Michael Jepsen says:

    So you go from Power Network (network), to Elite dropshippers network
    (network), now to quanta networking (network). Its always the same ploy.
    Early and urgent. Good language, but not intention. Sorry about the
    disappointment Katie :/

  20. Seth Layton says:

    I’m on the blogging fee for laughs. What you’re saying basically is all
    true. I will admit that my sponsor is pretty nice though, which is mainly
    why I’m in it. I’ve been doing I.M. since before E.N. was created, and it
    was pretty obvious to me how all of the top dogs in it were making all
    their $. If you look at all the websites of the top people in it, you’ll
    see pretty much every time the primary product they advertise for is
    Empower Network. I advertise for 100’s of products, but that’s because I
    don’t setup 1 sales page, and spam it across Facebook groups.

    Lastly, I know millionaire Internet Marketers (some of which I learned
    under a few years back) who are saying the same thing you’re saying, except
    they’re actually calling it a scam. Random traffic flow. . . or paid
    advertising is about the only way to market this product, because there are
    dabs of people out there going after the E.N. keywords in Youtube, Google
    organic search keywords, etc. Don’t feel bad about quitting, because there
    are a lot of ethic issues going on with E.N. that’s wrong. There’s a reason
    why they had a meeting with a bunch of rich players before E.N. was

  21. Gwane Martin says:

    Hey guys..it doesn’t mean Empower doesn’t work. Empower Network is really
    for folks who are already doing an MLM or Affiliate program. The training
    you get is still the best on the internet

  22. jonathan sonnier says:

    great job katie!

  23. Z Stone says:

    Where is your link

  24. Rodney Manuel says:

    I feel Katie I know exactly what you mean…..

  25. Success with Kareen Bryan says:

    Katie i like your video i was searching for a tutourial to quit Empower i
    am trying to quit Empower Network but i can’t find where to do so could you
    tell me where to fine the quit section

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