Why I Quit Empower Network – Empower Network Review

http://internetmarketingbootcamp.org/signup/ Why I Quit The Empower Network (and the Big Idea Mastermind). I have previously reviewed the Empower Network (an…
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  1. Denaris Pittman says:

    hey lewis i just add myself to your blog. but i have a question if you have
    the time too answer is there a better promotion with gs2. thanks would love
    some feed back

  2. Stephanie Maldonado says:

    I’m sorry you left because they have just added some new products….

  3. seth stainberg says:

    That’s kind of strange Ben. How can a system work for thousands of others
    including myself and I am successful here along with my team but it doesn’t
    work for a few people such as yourself. Here in lies the problem…It’s
    you! You don’t work. Take personal responsibility for your actions and
    results because if you and I have the same system and I am successful and
    you are not, it’s your fault. Look in the mirror Ben and be a man! That’s
    what leaders do…It’s your fault!
    h t t p ://empowernetworkseth.iwebs.ws
    Cheap SEO traffic…

  4. syed alihasani says:

    lewis come on man, i m not in empower network but i have taken alot of
    courses. i have spent alot of money to find the actual , real money. it is
    obvious you have to build a list. but if u dont buy traffic how u can build
    the list so quickly. the george brown the guy who created google sniper is
    so sucked. the way he taught is a bullshit. there r tools out there find u
    keyword in a second.u using gs2 and in your blog u have copied everything
    from different sources, they r not your own products. please stop making
    ppl fool.u r now trying to built a list so u can later promote ur products.

  5. Biren limbu says:

    I did quit as well yesterday…

  6. Millionaire Mindset says:

    Just Reading The Comments makes me want to say, “Good Grief Charlie Brown”
    – Thanks for sharing your insight and perspective Lewis

  7. Micky Steevo says:

    Make no mistake the Empower network is a first class pyramid scam. Stay
    well away if you value your time and money.

  8. Stephanie Maldonado says:

    Thank you for your honesty… EN is not for everyone and not everyone has
    to become an affiliate. All businesses take time, effort, energy and money

  9. sparda1950 says:

    FREE HTA & Big Idea Mastermind Training Videos on My Channel.

  10. Lewis Clifford says:

    I quit!! Find out what and why? Why I Quit Empower Network – Empower
    Network Review

  11. M Doaz says:

    ‘THe title should be why you quit on yourself….

  12. David Nieuwenhoven says:

    Thanks Lewis :)

  13. Leo Hokkanen says:

    You talked about free blogging systems, where? Customizable? No… BUT for
    $25 bucks Empower gives you 10 blogs/websites (that’s right TEN) so that’s
    $2.50 per website per month. Here’s my link for Big Idea Mastermind, the
    free system: http://freebimsystem.com
    And there’s new developments and new products being released that are
    awesome… check it out…. 

  14. Oscar Almeida says:

    Good luck in your online adventures

  15. BoBosworth56 says:

    It is an obvious scam to anyone that has a brain. You should have never

  16. John Maxwell says:

    Hi Lewis,
    Thanks for your frank review of why you quit BIM/EN. When you say you have
    to spend money on paid traffic to get a big list fast to succeed in BIM/EN
    how much are you referring to?

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