Why Daegan Smith’s {Maximum Leverage} Inner Circle Coaching Program?

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  1. CoreMLMTips says:

    Hey Lisa – Feeling The Cannon Vibe , Focus on Your End Result , But To Achieve The End Result, You Have To Work With Training That Will Help You ‘Own It’ – Wish You Success ~ Chucks

  2. indio2934 says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Loved your Video, great determination and perseverance to achieve your goal,
    as taught in Maximum-Leverage and The Inner Circle by Daegan Smith.
    Noble “Dan” Owen

  3. investmentinserenity says:

    Great job Lisa, I enjoyed this video so much. Nice to learn more about Daegan.

    Joanie McMahon

  4. carlosanastacio09 says:

    Lisa, love your positive vibe.Looks like you put out a great video presentation.Keep on rocking…….

  5. PartnerForCash says:

    WOOO HOOOO!!! So Excited!!! Daegan Smith does not give away BS prizes… so I’m sure that my ‘little something special’ is going to be awesome! I can’t wait! I’m gonna shoot a video when I get it …hehehe!! THANK YOU D and Enjoy Maui!!! I will be there one day soon!

  6. daegansmith says:

    The climb to the top. I’ve got a little something special coming your way.

  7. MrJeffreyMMartin says:

    Great job Lisa. I really like how determined you were to reach
    your destination!
    I liked the “Shortcut to Success” analogy!
    Keep up the great work!

  8. lupster4u says:

    I liked the way you climed the success mountain. One step at a time and End results will happen. Good way to get maxium leverage and results. Way to go!!

  9. joanyperez says:

    Lisa, great job on this video! because of you, your system, knowledge, and biz opportunity and I am in Team Prosperity.  Go get those leads!!

  10. BrendaHilliard says:

    Great Job Lisa – Keeping the eye on where you want to be is powerful. This business is so easy - but it also so easy not to do. You rock girl!!

  11. joinbillmcmahon says:

    Great video Lisa! By your example, Daegan does provide maximum leverage. By the way, I was more worried about your cameraman!

  12. myinfinitytraining says:

    I loved this video, you are so right, determination, perserverance, and just wanting
    to the get your money gets you part of the way, but a system, takes you the rest of the way. Amen! This video is very motivating. Thanks

  13. tvimillionairemind says:

    Great Video Lisa! You always do such a great job and analogies!

  14. speeder2cme1 says:

    Lisa this is Richard. Great job!! Didn’t know New York had nice bearhes.LOL
    Great job!!

  15. kerafresquez says:

    Great Video! Love the graphics! Kera

  16. communitydollars says:


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