Why and How Social Network is helping you in growing your business

Why and How Social Network is helping you in growing your business

Article by Jimmy12

Now days the whole world is connected to one country to another through the internet. Internet iswidely used over the world even the shopping, order of foods, selling, purchasing etc, is also easythrough the internet. Facebook and Twitter is the most popular social networking sites that’s availablefor everyone on the world, and most of the people are interested to join these type of networkingwebsites. The social websites helps to make the various types of friends which is useful for yourbusiness and the personal life.

The new trend in which you can promote and maintain your business through the social networkingsites. There are many social sites but famous is Facebook and Twitter. Both Websites are providing thedifferent type of services to Promote and Maintain your business online using internet at home notdoing any extra hard or manual work. In online business sales the social website is more useful if youhave your own websites for your business.

The Facebook and Twitter have more features for promoting your business over the internet. We canunderstand both one by one……

1. Promote and Maintain Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook is widely used over the world and it is totally free then making the ‘Facebook Fan page’ andusing ‘Facebook Like Box’ we can communicate more customer to purchase the our effective andeasily available product online using Internet from any place of world and can get at home using our

delivery service. Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with friends, photos, and network. To createa Facebook profile, Facebook Business page and like box simply follow these steps….

a) Register to a new Facebook Account using ‘Sign Up’ button , Fill the registration form of requiredfields

b) Confirm your email address which email you have given the confirmation mail link will redirect to youfor next step, this for security reason

c) You can also use the feature of Find Friend, Find Classmates, and Find Co-Worker, Edit your profileusing My Profile Button and can join a regional Network

d) For page creation go to ‘http://www.new.facebook.com/pages/create.php’ and choose your bestbusiness option and Select one from 6 option

Local Business or Place,

Company, Organization or Institution,

Brand or Product,

Artist, Band or Public Figure,


Cause or Community

e) Complete Basic Information, fill the pages, take advantages of feature (Invite your friends, Tell yourfans, Post status updates, Promote this page on your website, Set up your mobile phone) and Startpromoting your business using Facebook Pages

f) After that you can get the like box Code through Developer Section and use it to your website page asper requirement size for getting more traffic

2. Use Twitter to Grow Your Business

Twitter is great for business, Twitter is instant messaging made service available to the public, somepeople called Twitter is a micro-blogging platform. On Twitter there have the people ‘Following’ youand you ‘Following’ to other people which follow updating is also updated to your status. If more peoplefollow you then your business grow up, you need to smart follower base. The following steps will helpsyou to understand to give your company huge exposure using Twitter is that…..

a) Create an Account in Twitter Using the ‘Sign Up’ Button and fill the registration forms

b) Import contacts from Gmail, Hotmail and your own address book which you have, your profile mustbe completed

c) Twitter is a social tool so understand the dynamics of Twitter only post useful and relevantinformation, don’t make spam

d) Build your follower Base and balanced between followers and following ratio

e) Tweet and relate about non business ideas also, Retweet useful stuff from those you follow

f) Start twitting Related to your business, company and your product and make it effective

At last we can understand that in the growing internet market field the online promotionof your business product is easy and more effective to grow your business Outsourcing webdevelopment can be a risky undertaking. By prioritizing the work making sure it’s delivered inchunks instead of all at once and improving communication with your vendor, you can reduceyour risk, and improve your chances for success.

About the Author

I am a online marketing agent for different sites and services who is used to promote theirbusiness in social network, after working with them on long term basis and studying there wholebusiness structure I m now publishing my articles to help other people to develop their businessonline

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