Who Corrupted the Bible? – David Wood and Sam Shamoun on ABN

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  1. Rashid Naser says:

    the way you’re thinking about this matter is just wrong when prophet
    Mohammed said that he meant that the Jews still have the uncorrupted holy
    book what they have hide beside we don’t say the whole book corrupted also
    what they’re asking about it’s very well known for them
    God do whatever He wanted safe or not his word in the holy books, it’s very
    clear that you’re reading from the corrupted holy book!! because god tells
    us he has no son no wife no children and the one were crossed not prophet
    Jesus ..pbuoh… 

  2. Robert Sparks says:

    What if Allah went back in time after Muhammad said the Bible was pure and
    then corrupted the Bible? Wouldn’t that cure the problem for Islam?
    Wouldn’t that cure all of the contradiction problems in Islam?
    Anything can be true.
    If every single time Muhammad contradicted himself it’s really because
    Allah went back in time and changed things then Muhammad is the greatest of

  3. Rashid Naser says:

    what is this a bazaar or what is’t frantic infernal speech and arguments
    ..? be a shame you’re talking about a prophets peace be up on them we can
    ‘t make a comparison between them they’re all have a mission to teach the
    words of God , Muslims believes on all holy books and all the prophets ,
    who corrupted the holy books?? the Jews who doesn’t like and dis believes
    the mission of their prophets who have killed 70 prophets in one day ,
    distorted by means of rewriting the books with distorted meaning misstated
    and twisting the meaning to fit their desired and wish and selling it to
    the people saying this is from the holy books and it’s not the same word
    in the holy books this what the Quraan said and i heard you reading these
    verses , HOLY QURAAN it’s well completed free of corruption free of error
    in comparable to any holy books it’s universal religion based on the
    oneness of God makes no distinction between humankind whether they be
    white or black Arabs or non arabs,poor or rich the noblest of them in the
    sight of God is the most God fearing and most pious,Islam give no
    indulgence to no body ,Praise be to Allah and may peace and blessing be on
    his most beloved messenger peace be up on him ,God said(today i have
    completed for you your religion and perfected my favour upon you and
    accepted Islam as your religion )
    it’s enough to prove that your holy books are corrupted and saying THE
    prophet Jesus son of God or a God !!! and bluffing people by giving
    them indulgence to go heaven ha ha lol what kind of holy book you have,
    you’re real idiocy,but i think Sam Shamouns he may converted to Islam soon
    i think he is looking for the truth and i like him

  4. Asam Pedas says:

    haha self declared winner was just like a see ass a me street programme…
    bla bla bla.., Jesus never a god even if u put one million to bid his
    position he was not even a hero of his peoples.., he failed in his
    missions, losses and his enemy kicked his ass to the cross, crying for
    help, naked and skinny, poor man in a napkin… , he cannot be god of the
    universe!! you know when a person was born without a father.. what do call
    him?? even if it was true he was born without a father…, that alone
    cannot make him a god, hey just look at him!! what a pitty..

  5. Marshall Mathers says:

    Why would the Jews and Christians allow their scripture to be corrupted
    they are just not going to do it or allow for it! The same message Jesus
    taught is the exact same in the bibles today FACT this is just another
    Muslim lie! Never trust them

  6. Brianember Nohit says:

    Muslim version because ”Jesus Is Son Of God”. That’s why God exchange
    with somebody look alike in event crucifixion. Matthew 3:17 and behold, a
    voice from heaven said, ”This is my beloved Son,with whom I am well
    pleased.” SHALOM 

  7. a56061 says:
  8. Esad Musiic says:

    how can anyone believe in a corrupted scripture, i mean like seriously?

  9. Malaya Kristian says:

    Thanks guys for posting this video. I am inter-linking my blog/videos to
    this video and other video by David and Sam from their “Jesus or Muhammad”
    series. My blog is melayubukanislam.blogspot.com

  10. reX paW says:

    REMEMBER ….In ISLAMIC COUNTRIES, When Non – Muslims are Attacked /
    Killed . The Muslims Across the Middle East and IN the USA – NEVER Rise Up
    and Put A Stop to The Killing and Violence. Because Muslims REALLY Dont
    Care.. Islam is not a religion OF Peace.. The Muslim WORLD does not Bat an
    Eye or Skip a Heart beat. Learn the TRUTH /FACTS about ISLAM Thank You.
    Protect Yourself Educate Yourself

  11. ALAIN GUEYE says:


  12. kyojames says:

    I agree with you reX. Islam is true evil and bigots to the core to non

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