What’s Working Now- Daegan Smith “The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead”

What’s Working Now- Daegan Smith “The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead”

Article by Carlos Anastacio

If you spend a lot of time online, looking for ways to earn a lot of money, then you’re going to get very frustrated very quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing. The truth is that the internet is constantly changing. It’s not enough anymore to make sure your name comes up on a Google search. There are too many new platforms and venues to use for your own business ventures. This is a concept well understood by Daegan Smith. If you doubt the quality of marketing advice you can get from Daegan, then just consider that he has been in the marketing business for only a little over five years, and he is already ridiculously successful. So what’s his secret?

Daegan’s secret is that he knows how to use the internet to his advantage. This doesn’t just mean that he knows how to find leads on the internet or knows how to do a great job networking. He does know how to do these things, but this isn’t what separates him from the pack. What separates him from the pack is his ability to keep up with what is working now. Not only this, but he is great at getting this knowledge to others as well. Check out Daegan Smith’s website, and you’ll see just how much he knows about the internet marketing business.

Daegan has a great grasp on Social Media,PPC,Solo ads and not to mention Email marketing. For some, Facebook is just a place to connect with friends. For Daegan Smith, however, it’s a new platform. It’s an online place for him to network and create new networks, find more leads, and thereby create more personal wealth. How about YouTube? You probably have fun watching the latest viral videos on this site, but have you ever considered using it to get associates? Well, Daegan has and it’s only added to his success.

Mike Dillard put together the What’s Working Now program so that he could reach out to professionals in the internet marketing business. He wanted to show some of the freshest ideas out there and some of the freshest minds. Daegan Smith was invited to join because he has the know-how, the experience, and the success. Most importantly, Daegan is a master of using what’s working now to his advantage. There is practically no one else out there who can teach you how to effectively market a business like Daegan can.

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For more information on what’s working now by the “King of never calling a single lead” Daegan Smith visit http://www.what-is-working-now.com

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