What’s the Spin on Downline Secrets 2

What’s the Spin on Downline Secrets 2

Article by Buford Richmond

What’s the Value in Downline Secrets 2If you haven’t heard yet… James Grandstaff has now released “Part 2” of his “Downline Secrets.”Before I’m able to givemy review, I thought I should play a little catch-up in case you don’t have any clue as to what Downline Techniques “Part 1” was about.Essentially with Downline Techniques part one you get access to a recorded conversation between Mike Filsaime and James Grandstaff. Mike asks James questions about the victories he had with InstantBuzz.com (a free advertising tool) to develop his downline.You obtain access to the MP3 and PDF log of the call ( which is nice since I don’t always like to sit out front of my Computer to read or listen to content.During the conversation James shows how he used his free Instant Buzz traffic along with his (now proven) 3 step strategy to explode his downline into the thousands on complete auto pilot. The cool aspect is that he did it while maintaining his full time job as a Computer support techie in Michigan.And from there you’ve got the chance to buy the exact same software that James developed to grow his downline and apply it to grow your downline in any program you happen to be working in.So all-in-all Downline Secrets 2 is a great system and offers a lot of great info for free on the way to grow your downline through the web.What makes this Downline Methods “Part 2” much better is that it takes over where Downline Systems one left off.What I mean is this… With Downline Secrets 1 you were left having to work out all the technical stuff to copy James’ results for your MLM opportunity. The software and detailed videos are amazing but you still needed to come up with the web copy, the hosting, the HTML page design and so on….. The yucky stuff.Let’s just say his target market is much less because if you don’t have the much-needed technical abilities or the cash to hire those with the skills, you are pretty much stuck and can’t entirely gain from the complete system he is offering.Now you get access to a conversation between James Grandstaff and Chris Zavadowski who is also extraordinarily successful in the MLM scene. He grills James for almost an hour and gets all the must know strategies from of him.The method James is providing this time is superb! He covers all the technical stuff for us this time and everything is completely set-up. All the technical screw ups have been taken away. This is great since more people can now actually gain from his teachings and proved system.Now, I need to let you in on something…Once you sign up for the call below you will notice an offer for James’ Elite upgraded membership. All I can say is ==> JUMP ON IT!It’s only greenbacks and for what you get it is simply amazing!In a nut shell… he’s sharing with you a professional designed lead capture page that gives away a customised version of his new manuscript called ‘How to Get Rich Building a LAZY Downline!’This PDF is first customised with your affiliate links to many “generic” MLM training resources. As you give it away you may earn commissions from people you refer who upgrade into any of these programs.All you do is just publicize the lead capture page via the special link you get and James’ software sends an e-mail to your prospects ( with a link to your customized PDF see the example of this Downline Secrets Automatic Downline Builder Software in action.And since they’re all MLM related, the conversion rates are extremely high!Everything is on auto-pilot! Oh, and don’t worry, the traffic aspect is covered for you. Be sure to check out the bonus that’s included in the Downline Secrets Automatic Downline Builder Software, that are awesome.As you can see, I’m totally excited about this because it’s refreshing to see a quality system come along that is truly up to changing the lives of others.See, I told you this thing was awesome.So yes, Downline Secrets 2 gets my highest recommendation!Sign up below and buy everything;)Here’s the link for Downline Secrets Automatic Downline Builder Software, don’t wait.Take care of your business and yourself:-)Sincerely,Pierre.

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