What men really want.

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  1. Ana Gabriel Tzintzun says:

    nice video and i agree on wat´╗┐ u said ­čÖé

  2. TheLighting564 says:

    I totally agree with him. I’m going to college and what ticks me off is that when I talk to girls most of them they are not outgoing or I’d say talk able. I don’t know what the ECM is in´╗┐ thier minds but I see less less extroverted talk able girls every where ­čÖü

  3. CandyFloss162010 says:

    Did´╗┐ Jerry Lavinge call you out ? Because you mentioned his name twice :O

  4. missfaithblue7 says:

    lmfao´╗┐ XD

  5. juanjosm1 says:

    que pasa mi juan´╗┐ fe…

  6. locococoa96 says:

    lamborghinis, gucci, DISNEYLAND´╗┐

  7. cholaizzy says:

    this guy isn’t even´╗┐ funny!!!!! he fucking sucks at trying to act out skits.

  8. lexii chavez says:

    “you dnt´╗┐ see mii showin of mii tits do yu” lol

  9. brigitblu says:

    but all i got is guy friends´╗┐ ­čÖü lol

  10. brigitblu says:

    idc´╗┐ bout size but color ahh brown yummy ^_^ O.o n omg im jus wat a guy wants?? omg whooo WINN!!

  11. lala colors says:


  12. ashweeLovesYuhhMch THEmexicana says:

    You gotta be a freak though, (only for me! only for me!) haha <33´╗┐ lol

  13. Kathleen Quintero says:

    lmfaooo , if you look at the the video responses it says , this video is a response to One Direction – One´╗┐ Thing lmfaaoo!

  14. phxaz1r says:

    i just started to watch your vids´╗┐ and you are too fucking real! lol

  15. ChargersBby760 says:

    “imma be too fat to leave you”´╗┐ hahaha >.<

  16. CBLKproduction says:

    This video is on point…. Just´╗┐ like all of your videos!!

  17. avikit544 says:

    yo u did´╗┐ good on dis 1 my nigga dis shit is official

  18. mythologygirl18 says:

    i actually opened my eyes a lil bit with the whole thing u said about humor.´╗┐ Girls really are indirect. Girls need to stop playing mind games and have high expectations. NObody is a damn mind reader. I love the video

  19. Sierra Dobson says:

    I’m a girl, and I actually agree with ALL of this. Surprisingly. Usually I’m the one who would´╗┐ disagree if another would say this stuff (without valid points like he has) but he explains his opinions. Which helps you understand from the ‘Guys’ perspective rather than just a regular douche saying “We don’t like fat bitches” “We don’t like when you nag. So shut it” Hahaha.

  20. JeckTheBigBoss says:

    1:48 – 2:10´╗┐

  21. love97113 says:

    if only´╗┐ every guy thought like that…

  22. MissRedrum78 says:

    SO-WHAT IF´╗┐ your gf is a mechanic? Then what do you do?

  23. thefmendez2 says:

    Besides for the cooking part,´╗┐ this is accurate, i like your thinking

  24. Playmate5384 says:

    I busted a lung! Lmao “Just´╗┐ give me some food. Imma prolly be too fat to leave you.” & We’ve got the same HTC phone. ((:

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