What Most Schools Don’t Teach

Learn about a new “superpower” that isn’t being taught in 90% of US schools. Starring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, will.i.am, Chris Bosh, Jack Dorsey, Tony H…

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  1. Code.org says:

    Exactly 1 year ago, Code.org was born with a video that became #1 on +
    YouTube in one day.

    *Share this* if you think more students should learn the new “superpower”
    that 90% of US schools don’t teach.

  2. Natalia Lemoyne says:

    A must watch! We NEED these skills be taught to our students NOW! How can
    we achieve that in the constraints of standardized testing? Let’s change

  3. jackson Failor says:

    I am 12 and I am learning C++

  4. epikfacedburgerAJ says:

    I just saw Gabe Newell. 

  5. Jonathan Kennedy says:

    Holy crap it’s gabe newell half life 3 confirmed

  6. Nicolas Bortolotti says:

    Adivina …quien dijo esto?
    “Todo el mundo en este país debería aprender como programar una
    computadora” #ReflexionesParaLatAm 

  7. Leonardo dm says:

    Is 26yo too late to learn to program?

  8. achille295 says:

    Really?! 90% of US schools don’t teach code? I thought it was like 10%. In
    Europe I don’t know a single university tha doesn’t teach students how to
    code (every engineering course, science, physics or mathematics majors all
    have to learn code).

  9. darakristi says:

    I’m not understanding… What do we do with this skill?

  10. PoopLoserDa69th says:


  11. Wolverineeeeeeee says:

    I learned Visual Basic in high school but I went to a magnet school and I
    was in the engineering program. I think our school was also rated in the
    top 10 in the US even though one year they cut our engineering classes
    budget from $2000 to $200 so all we could do is build bridges,houses and
    other things with wood. Our teacher planned on getting us robots so we
    could do battle bots but we didn’t have enough money.

  12. Yvaldi says:

    I only came here for Gabe Newell

  13. Jon-Ross Habina says:

    I want to work there

  14. National Geographic Education says:

    Does your school teach coding? Many don’t. That’s why code.org and other
    organizations are teaching computer coding online!

    Don’t know what coding is? It’s the study and process of writing and
    operating texts (codes) in programming language.

    Learn more here:

  15. Zen Wafflz says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  16. TheRobloxianTacoLord says:

    Our god GabeN. I watched this in class couldn’t stop laughing my ass off
    when GabeN popped out of nowhere. I was laughing like a horse.

  17. gerard antony says:

    Something to be taken seriously. 

  18. MomoTheBellyDancer says:

    Don’t fall for it, people. Programming is extremely boring. 99% of all
    coders will wind up programming database applications, which are true

  19. Trent Brew says:

    I’m teaching myself JavaScript via codeacademy.com but this year I’m taking
    a computer programming and computer science class.

  20. Edwin Devey says:

    *Here’s one to share with your kids when you get home*

    If you can only do one thing tonight by way of inspiring a child, show them
    this http://dld.bz/yurexceptional

  21. Julia Leto says:
  22. Henry The Unicorn says:

    Every school district superintendent needs to watch this video. 10 times.

    And then add AP Comp Sci to all their high schools.

  23. Jon Neale says:

    I didn’t learn any coding at school or at university… until I went back
    for my MSc in IT… A knowledge of coding helps with so much more than
    programming. It helps you to think about a problem and realise that there
    are often many different (just as valid!) ways to achieve any goal.

    Some great quotes in this video: “it’s more about the process of breaking
    down problems” and “you need to be determined” are a couple of my

  24. Riss Leung says:

    You can’t watch this video and NOT be inspired to run out and start
    learning how to code alongside kids! #makerspace #inspiring

  25. Tia Hayes says:

    I remember learning how to code in the Air Force. I was so upset that the
    programming language I learned didn’t equate in the outside world. I
    honestly loved it and hope more people learn it and stick with it. #code.org
    #girlcode #girlscode #womenwhocode 

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