What Mike Dillard ISN’T Telling You About Magnetic Sponsoring!

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  1. girlie347 says:

    You always have to remember where the real money is and how it can come to you. Marketing physical products, there can be some money in it. But most schemes on Internet focus on totally retarded products, like selling a PDF for $40 or schemes where you setup a few dozen fake websites to run Adsense on it. Just remember, you get what you deliver, and you just can’t make any money off faking it.

  2. greezy39 says:

    6 years later my best friend shows up at my house with his wife for a visit. He had asked to come over. When they get here, he starts to pitch me this “Network Marketing” speel for some type of jewery sales. I shut him down and told him I had already been the AM Way already and would never fall for it again. By the end of our visit, he quit his network marketing for good and went to be a dentist. It looks like he made it, but we don’t talk anymore, so I would never know if it’s just a front

  3. greezy39 says:

    Dude, I almost fell for the AMWAY bullsh!t back in 1991, but saw right through it. A pyramid scam. Since then, whenever I hear the words “Network Marketing” I run the other f’n way! What a epic waste of time.

  4. theTRUTHpg says:

    MLM doesnt work, its simple math. Add it up, the guys at top make all the money and the ones at the bottom feed the top

  5. nadmeldev says:

    Mike Dillard predicted in 2010 that an ounce of gold would “soon” cost $56,000 ( that’s right 56 grand…and it is shown on another youtube video, by his own words ) and that you should better hurry!!!…haha…It’s crazy how losers want to believe that there’s someone out there who can actually see the future, and solve all their problems!. Get a real job…learn a trade.

  6. manwalkingtheearth says:

    learn a trade

  7. manwalkingtheearth says:

    go out and get real producing jobs

  8. michael20schumacher says:

    Beach Bum Personally Sponsors over 450 reps in 9 months. See How he did it at NetworkMoneyMarketing DOT C O M

  9. jayjoetube14 says:

    Its ok build’s Mike’s list at least I’m profiting and building my own list too. That’s how MLM works!

  10. blk3520 says:

    selling people out to the big companies…Thats just wrong no mather how you explain it

  11. librazone says:

    Its all about internet marketing. Makes no difference what is being sold whether it is stocks, books, magic supplements,the kardashians or anything else. They all want to sell you something.

  12. meanbrew says:

    Thumbs up if you believe WWN is a scam. Thumbs up if you believe this person is one of Mike Ballard’s stooges. Thumbs up if this you-tube post is an obvious and pathetic attempt to drown out legitimate criticisms of Mike Ballard and his WWN scam.  Thumbs up if it is obvious to you that these scumbags are nothing buy lying con artists attempting to swindle gullible people out of their money.

  13. SuccessWithRandy says:

    You are right, Matt.
    Personal branding is THE KEY to success!
    My team continues to use Magnetic Sponsoring as a back-end affiliate product, though.
    A personal brand and your OWN list is invaluable!

    Randy Reek

  14. foster2367 says:

    Looking for serious and hard working people who want to earn good money working on my team. Email me at: foster_236@hotmail.com and I will send you an Eligibility Form to fill out. If all is well then you can start working on my team ASAP!

  15. jimmullett says:

    I just bought MS. Its amazing, but I understand what you’re saying. MS definetely changed my thought process, but you’re right, You have to brand yourself. Good info.

  16. jfmayer says:

    I agree with you…a society with just bla bla bla bla who builds nothing but just virtual stuff

  17. SwissProsperity says:


    30billionaireschangingtheworld dot kom

  18. 4realchange says:

    So actually you sell nothing…

  19. 4realchange says:

    And.. if everybody did this what then… what kind of society would we have?

  20. mschrista50 says:

    I am intrested in your system

  21. mikesmith694 says:

    please contact me.I am tired of mlsp.I want to flip companys.

  22. DelaneyCollins says:

    great lips

  23. annegretekrings says:

    That is exactly why I joined MLM Lead System Pro

  24. superinnovated says:

    Your efforts are greatly appreciated….Motionjoe

  25. thewaytosuccess says:

    You are spot on, great advice. I still think MS is excellent for newbies who don’t understand how to brand themselves and don’t have a training system

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