What Maximum Leverage & Daegan Smith Did For Me

After joining maximum leverage a few years ago my marketing life changed. It gave me a new found pride and hope that has taken me to one of the top affiliates in the world. It is strange how one thing can change your life.
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  1. Daegan Smith says:

    Hey man, thank you SOOO much my man. We gotta get together live my friend. It’s about time.

  2. Robert Tepper says:

    Thanks for sharing Charles. You are setting a great example to follow!

  3. Josh Irving says:

    Great video Charles! 

  4. DavidEDeMarco says:

    Great video Charles. Thanks for sharing your story.

  5. OneMartyMac says:

    Thanks Charles for sharing this story. Great video.

  6. Kristie Chiles says:

    Thanks, Charles! He is amazing and you are an amazing marketer too!

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