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  1. AALO101 says:


  2. hpufo says:

    MLM, and Network marketing is a scam because it is a workaround a pyramid scheme. Instead of just having dumb people pay you money, and giving them a portion of that money from other idiots that did the same. They now have you sell a shitty product or service with it as well. MLM is a scam because they have you selling shitty products or services to people.

  3. Jennifer Sing says:

    network marketing IS THE SAME AS multi-level marketing. lol but it is not a scam. pyramiding scheme and ponzi scheme is illegal. these companies wouldn’t be approved to operate if mlm was an invalid type of business model.

  4. kingslave021 says:

    Y’all just shut up and make some money 🙂

  5. Bhebhe Labbs says:

    Not all Multi-Level Marketing are scam. Why did Robert Kiyosaki recommended Nertwork Marketing if it’s a shit? Can you please think?

  6. Brian Freeman says:


  7. Randall Klassen says:

    Wow, there are some seriously ignorant people posting messages here. MLM is basically a legal pyramid scheme disguised by selling products and/or services. The pyramid is the multiple and usually unlimited marketing levels where distributors recruit distributors who recruit distributors and so on. It’s completely unsustainable and it effectively creates a pyramid scheme. It’s mathematically possible for only an extremely small percentage of distributors to be profitable with this model.

  8. R. J. Denicola says:

    You cant fix stupid dont even argue with broke poor angery sad peopel that try to tell me the “path” that works.. Results speak more loudly to me now.

  9. Rozetta Rosales says:

    network marketing is NOT a pyramid scheme. no. no and no. we use pyramid MODELS to let people SEE how the sales MATCH is. if you don’t want it to be pyramid you can try other model shapes like inverted triangle as long as you can see the sales match or your account. here only the people with BIG DREAMS succeed. because we commit like there’s no tomorrow. we commit that we will do WHATEVER it takes to get to the top & reach our goals. with PROPER training and MIND SETTING, one can never go wrong!

  10. Dan Adlington says:

    When people refer to something as a pyramid scheme or scam do they really know the definition? There is a big difference between a pyramid scheme and Network Marketing. The first thing is good Network Marketing companies are selling something of value. When something is of value how can it be a scam? The majority of people who try these businesses and fail are not using the right approach. If you try something and it doesn’t work the first time doesn’t make it a scam.

  11. Ronald Jackson says:

    There’s a huge difference between being an IBO for an MLM and owning one. I think we can all agree that owning an MLM could be an easy way to make money if there weren’t serious ethical issues surrounding the business model and industry. I understand how MLM works,but it’s very difficult to sell a large volume of MLM products as quite often the prices are high compared to competitors or they’re just resellers.If the majority of sales are internal, that is a pyramid scheme as defined by the FTC.

  12. Pawel Stepien says:

    btw, the model you mentioned “6 people and 13 levels” sounds like a typical pyramid scam but the difference is that Network Marketing industry is driven by the volume of products or services purchased not by the number of people signed up. You do not make money in Network Marketing by signing up people but by volume of consumed products.
    network marketing works but it is not for everyone.Research it and you will find out that big giants like Warren Buffer, Richard Bronson, ATT – all owe MLM co.

  13. Pawel Stepien says:

    As you said being professional it probably took a lot of yrs and efforts to become where you are right now, right? You probably invested a lot of time into what you have, right?. It is no difference in any other pursue in life… you want to have something of value you need to pay the price for it. But I understand that there are a lot of people out there who present MLM based on hype and empty promises and if you fell into that trap,that is exactly the idea people have about MLM. True or False?

  14. Pawel Stepien says:

    Ronald, I didn’t mean to disrespect your credentials. All I was saying that you are not educated about the subject of MLM. Like you said: you know someone who tried and failed. Well, do you know also someone who wanted to loose weight and didn’t? Should that person scream out the the fitness industry is a scam? You never achieve anything by TRYING… only by actually doing it until you can not do it wrong.

  15. Ronald Jackson says:

    I stated that they’re the same thing. Sorry, never tried MLM, however, I’ve seen a few people fall for the scam. Educate myself? I’m a professional by the way. Look at the business model – rather than having 1 regular level of distribution, they have a pyramid of levels where higher levels earn commissions off the lower levels. Doesn’t make any sense to have multiple levels. Someone else stated “if everyone recruits 6 people, 13 levels in is more than the population of our planet”. Pyramid scam.

  16. Pawel Stepien says:

    Ronald, I do not mean to be disrespectful but by your statement I can tell that you have no idea about Network Marketing industry. First of all there is no difference between Network Marketing and MLM… it is a same exact thing. Network Marketing its just a “fancy” name for MLM. On the other hand I can tell that you tried MLM in the past and you quit before you even began. I suggest, before stating something about anything, educate yourself on the subject before making fool of yourself. Cheers.

  17. beasty513 says:

    Rise isn’t an mlm genius.

  18. catherinedeathalmon says:

    I have recently started my own Arbonne business from home. I was very skeptical about network marketing, but now I really “get it”. It’s not about selling. It’s about redirecting money that you were already spending at a retail store, buying FROM yourself FOR yourself, and teaching others how to do the same. I can teach you how to create a nice little tax shelter and a passive residual income. Visit catherinealmon.myarbonne.ca

  19. SocialExecutive385 says:

    If you are interested in a new business venture and becoming a part of it in order to profit and improve your life…email me at: social.executive93@gmail.com

  20. Randall Klassen says:

    MLM is a joke. Any company that has unlimited marketing levels is unsustainable. Simple math. MLM is a pyramid scheme disguised by selling some type of product or service – examples of this include Amway, ACN etc. Well know scams that have been prosecuted various times for operating pyramid schemes.

  21. Michael Burns says:

    lol. People learn the difference between network marketing and a pyramid. This is obviously someone who doesn’t know the difference.

  22. 3000axx says:

    All the pyramid schemes are all long winded and take very long to make money. There are other product out there that you can buy into, or create that will generate revenue.
    But one thing that is true. ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ is one great book.
    100% correct in terms of how to build a relationship with money and wealth.

  23. Randall Klassen says:

    Referencing your bank account isn’t considered making any claims? Give me a break. It’s a scam people. Don’t let these MLM scammers trick you into joining these pyramid schemes.

  24. Michael Burns says:

    I haven’t made any claims either way. But I am doing just fine.

  25. Randall Klassen says:

    One of the common traits of all MLM’s is people lying about how successful they are and how much money they’re making in order to trick others into joining their recruitment scheme. Using a pyramid scheme business model is just plain stupid.

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