What Is Network Marketing by Robert Kiyosaki (Version 2.0)

Robert Kyosaki on network marketing www.wynman.com/kiyos.html – Cached Network Marketing-It’s an Asset, Not a Job By Robert Kiyosaki I am sometimes asked, “W…
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  1. Randall Klassen says:

    Take your spam scam somewhere else.

  2. Martez Mobley says:

    Lol the people the fail at this call it scans they treat it like a lotto
    ticket and when they realize they really have to work they blame everyone
    but themselves for their failures…mlm pay is based off results not
    efforts. U can run hard on a football field and still suck …there’s
    skills to be learned just like any other profession…it’s easy to be an
    employee …but no matter how much money u generate for the company your
    check remain the same your CEO get paid more than u in all work

  3. Aura MLM Reviews says:

    very creative and informative video. It i the business of the future, those
    who are narrow minded need to work on their mindset and embrace the fact
    that millions of people are now working from home and soon they will as
    well as a job is no longer a viable option.

  4. Mark Jackson says:

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  5. Sydney Johnson says:

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  6. Ryanyarb24 says:

    Randal Klassen is 110% correct. MLM is a scam through and through. You dont
    want to listen? Go ahead.

  7. David Ryanson says:

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  8. Eric Moldenhauer says:

    Agreed that there are some companies that just do not have the structure
    and truly are a Scam! But there are also companies that have been around
    for a long time and have produced many of millionaires. Those coming in
    with a following already may get to the top quicker, but it can be done by
    anyone. Its those who put in the time and effort that will get the most out
    of it (regardless what the business is!)

  9. Greg Williams says:

    Want to make $500+ per day for free? Want free training that will teach you
    how to become a successful network marketer? Then go here:
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  10. James Upjohn says:

    This video is good mate. I 100% concur with you on the points you have
    made. Just beginning in mlm and will be observing a great deal more of

  11. Eaton Leong says:

    i dont think his the one who post this video in youtube =/

  12. Randall Klassen says:

    Hard work is irrelevant when using the flawed MLM distribution model, end
    result is a quasi-legal pyramid scheme. A CEO is a specialist and should
    make more than the employees, they also have significantly more
    responsibility. You think a distributor will make more than the CEO of the
    MLM parent company? It’s a flawed system, it’s unsustainable and a SCAM.

  13. Martez Mobley says:

    But at the end of the day that’s y mlm is so great because it highlights
    your failures and success..you will spend your whole life buying products
    from the convenient store and won’t call it a scam…but here u just
    redirect the dollars from there to a online store and still receive
    product…nd since u refereed them u get compensated how is that a
    scam??…u recommend things u like all the time . U like the product tell a
    friend u don’t then don’t use em no one cares but u

  14. Jason Kirkpatrick says:

    It’s a pyramid scheme, yes, do your homework though.

  15. Luke Anderson says:

    If you guys don’t think this works… You have some homework to do.

  16. Ronald Jackson says:

    Some people just don’t want to face reality and the truth when it comes to
    these scams.

  17. Kebie Whitehead says:

    Ba Ha Ha Ha ok if you think so…

  18. Randall Klassen says:

    Kiyosaki gets paid to endorse this scam of an industry. Why don’t you get
    an unbiased opinion and take the business plan to a business adviser and
    see what they say, I guarantee they’ll laugh in your face.

  19. Randall Klassen says:

    Don’t confuse negativity with critical thinking and common sense. You
    clearly have no understanding of business, MLM is a joke and a scam.

  20. Randall Klassen says:

    I own 2 companies, but they are legitimate companies, not some MLM Scams
    like you’re involved in. And it’s not a get rich scheme, come on people.
    Did you know that the average welfare recipient receives 100 times more
    income than the average MLM distributor?

  21. Kebie Whitehead says:

    You keep working your job. You stay right. I am rich… and getting richer
    and richer and richer…..

  22. Randall Klassen says:

    A job isn’t a scam, how told you that? A job is an agreement to provide a
    service, usually for fixed pay. MLM is a scam, sorry to be the bearer of
    bad news. If you want to do business, great, but at least do something
    legitimate and not some MLM Recruitment Scam. There are significantly more
    millionaires in the world that have jobs than there are millionaire MLM
    distributors. Any 12 year old should be able to determine why MLM is flawed
    and the end result is a quasi-legal pyramid scheme.

  23. Kebie Whitehead says:

    The biggest SCAM is the job…designed to keep you broke and keep you coming
    back week after week after week….. JOB= Just Over Broke

  24. Randall Klassen says:

    If there are multiple distribution levels, it mathematically won’t work and
    the end result is a quasi-legal pyramid scheme.

  25. Bim Aquino says:

    I Understand where you are coming from. 40% of the earnings of an MLM
    company goes to the overhead expenses. 30% goes to the people who works
    hard to recruit or sell and 30% goes to the owners. The owners are the ones
    who get rich and not the people on the ground. There exists an MLM company
    that does that. 60% to the people and 40% to the over head. I will share it
    with you if you like but if not, that is ok. I just mentioned here how MLM
    companies make money out of people.

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