What Is Multi-Level Marketing?

What Is Multi-Level Marketing?

Article by Andrew Murray

Many people, when they start looking for a way in which toearn extra income run into multi level marketing. Sonaturally the question becomes, what is multi levelmarketing and how can you benefit from this type ofbusiness?

Well quite frankly, multi level marketing is what Iconsider the greatest offer that ever came into my life. This type of home business has made millionaires all overthe world (myself included) and has allowed those who workthe business with consistency and persistence to live afantastic lifestyle of financial independence.

So you ask, what is multi level marketing and what are theadvantages – well there are many… Nowadays, people arerealizing that working with an MLM (multi level marketing)company as an independent distributor is a huge opportunityto create wealth in a short period of time (1-3 years withprofits usually occurring within the first couple ofmonths)

Because of a low start up cost, the barrier to entry isvirtually non-existent and those who are ambitious andwilling to work can have a great future. Many people inthis industry are making over K per month sellingproducts in various markets. You will find multi levelmarketing companies in all sectors of the market fromhealth products, to digital information.

Now when you look at the MLM business model to the nextpopular method of creating wealth – the franchise model,you’ll begin to understand why people are turning to multilevel marketing instead. First off, if you are starting afranchise, it will need you a lot of money to start yourbusiness. You may take out a loan, look for a site, take onemployees, pay them and hope that you turn a profit withinthe first 5 years. Otherwise you might have to file for abankruptcy to meet up both ends.

A traditional franchise business also lacks a key componentthat multi level companies have and that is the addedcomponent of residual income – this is where you get paidover and over again for work that is done once – this iswhat allows people in multi level marketing to create suchhuge incomes and make such incredible amounts of money on amonthly basis.

Passive residual and leveraged income is what multi levelmarketing companies have in spades – it is a great profitsharing plan.

So when people first approach me and ask what is multilevel marketing I say it is a way to work from your home,spend time with your family and make an executive levelincome.

The bottom line is in order to live life on your own terms,you need to have financial and personal freedom and workingfor a multi level marketing company can do that – -it hasfor me.

About the Author

Andrew Murray is a dynamic, young trainer in the industry and is one half of “The Marketing Couple.” “The Marketing Couple” has helped thousands of people find MLM success. For their newest video presentation, “7 Myths That Are Keeping You From Building An MLM Fortune” go to: http://www.mlmtraining.org/7myths

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