What is a Social Network?

live.pirillo.com – MySpace, YouTube, FaceBok, Flickr … they’re all social networks, but what is a social network?
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  6. ToxicOdiousOne says:

    Being social is a feminine characteristic. Females are concerned about social events. Men are aloof and emotionally distant. A man created social networks perhaps but most users are females not males. Some users love sexually exploiting themselves as seen in the film.

  7. ToxicOdiousOne says:

    I am always amased why the masses use Facebook and then complain about privacy while they give away their privacy for free. Nobody forces them to divulge private information about themselves. The internet is a public place like Main Street, USA. I am not social as such I am not on any social network.

  8. deeashmaster says:

    @ToxicOdiousOne U have some kind of serious illness or what?:)

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  10. Ryan124816 says:

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  11. ToxicOdiousOne says:

    Social networking is a female technology for girls. Anything social is for girls. It is used by feminists to gossip about ex boyfriends.

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  16. samann95014 says:

    facebook is really useful now in 2010

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  19. maskedphrogg says:

    Has Chris Pirillo come out of his mom’s basement yet and actually socialized with people?

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  23. wataki2 says:

    u are not off at all,u are spot on,ahmen….And my favorite SN site is flixster and then you tube-though i don’t really consider you tube a social networking site, i guess cuz i don’t have a show like u Chris:)

  24. cartermatt80 says:

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