What I Learned From A 5-Day Silent Retreat

I went on a 5 day silent meditation retreat recently and oh boy, was it a beautiful experience! To have the space to just ‘be’ for 5 days without any distractions for the mind is something I would recommend for anyone interested in exploring the depths of reality. For more information about me and what I’m currently doing, visit www.CreateWithKatie.com or call (630) 202-0393
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  1. Chepekinful says:

    All the planets are going to be aligned soon because I  just met you. helpkiva.us

  2. ruzickaw says:

    if she cannot express it in words why is she talking? Did not get much insight. Take a 5 month retreat then talk.

  3. Dionn FLR says:

    I prefer to chat or text with my friends about Kim Kardashian’s last show or Bristol Palin’s new show…they are awesome…why should I be silent? stupid uneducated damn people are silent…smart people talk and talk smart. wake up….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bob Baft says:

    Jesus. Take that top off and show us those awesome tatas and then put a sock in your mouth! And get your money back for the “Move Your Hands While Public Speaking” Seminar you obviously attended too….it’s more distracting that your tits.

  5. jackeyniraula says:

    she says, ‘this is definitely not for everybody’ at the beginning and then later she says , ‘this is for anybody’. She’s out of mind, she’s crazy and she doesn’t remember every word she keeps on saying here.

  6. davidmarcksuk says:

    she has either really been through the silent experience or read a lot about the potential the simple silence has for the possibilities of exploring and discovering your real self. worth it! silence does not cost a thing; perhaps just willingness to invite it into your life, and patience in waiting for it to start transforming things in your life…

  7. davidmarcksuk says:

    most people are not as lucky as you; you are right and you are not alone; people are hungry to have some space, a bit of quiet so they can be themselves, so they can be who they really are, so they can be .. at peace

  8. davidmarcksuk says:

    i hope some AMERICANS will react to this by reflecting on their lives; not just buying yet another product promising them happiness… i really hope some people will be inspired to try to embrace the message behind this; be still and discover your presence and your TRUE self…

  9. davidmarcksuk says:

    even though she is ‘selling a product’ and trying to direct people towards her business … a lot of the message is coming across as insincere (you can easily tell by her bodylanguage); one can hardly sell silence / you can go on a retreat… but noone can sell you the outcomes of silence… you have to invite it into your life and immerse yourself in it; only then it can be a personal experience…

  10. davidmarcksuk says:

    what she talks about makes a perfect sense to those who have been through this kind of experience; people how do not have the courage or the patience might of course be dismissive…. it is the way she speaks about it. This is an advert for something she is promoting within her business activities; i am sure a lot of americans, currently very confused, dissatisfied, discontent with their current hypocritical and mean culture will respond to these isolated voices calling them to be quiet…

  11. Ivan Sellar says:

    what a lovely video. She is talking a lot of sence and the things she says I can relate to. like realising just how busy our minds are, and how much we listen to a busy disorganised mind. well done.

  12. peterantonio1986 says:

    Nice insight into the five day retreat. May I ask Katie, how long were you carrying out meditation before you went on this 5 day retreat?

  13. combatveteran240 says:

    i see the 5 days of silence all bursted out on this video.

  14. Hoodooal says:

    Sounds like it was really, really, good for you.
    May I refer you to John Wheeler (Advaitist). I think
    you are ready.

  15. handsomerobnj says:

    Too bubbly, shut off after 10 seconds

  16. Hungrybear9562 says:

    When I heard the traffic during this vid I can see why you would want to get away. I bought land and lived what you are talking about, it’s why rainbows come to me on a regular basis.

  17. MrFranklintree says:

    Boy you really need to get a life.

  18. DberryQueen says:

    Love your videos…♥

  19. RJAE100 says:


  20. MisterR1908 says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I can read happiness peace and love from your face! Im just not sure if this is because of meditation or just because you are always like that =P

  21. TheInvitatory1 says:

    Awesome cleavage! I just mute the sound, and picture myself going balls deep into herself with my rigid belief system.

  22. jezkn says:

    Full of double entrendre – mind you I grant you its all in the mind of the beholder … But its time for me to immerse myself in that silence I’m afraid (like the lunatic who leaves off banging his head against the wall) so Im going to have to go now and not stay to the end. Tara

  23. Justin Betland says:

    My thoughts torture me. I can’t believe I haven’t had a complete awakening yet. Yes, Letting go is so hard but it is the key. There used to be an Eckhart Tolle meetup here in MN but it ended and I might start another one. Thanks for posting.

  24. squamish4244 says:


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