What does a turd have to do with internet marketing?

I’m not a turd, you’re a turd!

As a follow up to our previous discussion about my kids…

“Dad, you have a long vagina!”

I decided to go open the journal I received from some fellow Peace Corps Volunteers and reminisce.

Now I need to take you back in time a little to give you some background.  I was one of six single people who went over in a group of 38 people.  There were also 16 married couples that went out that year as well.

Even though I seemed to hang out with everyone, I did spend a lot of time with some of the other singles, especially seeing that 4 or the other 5 were female.

Good luck for me right?

Well, I was doing my thing, while we had two months of training, being the independent thinker…

Being the leader…

Being the one to make a decision or provide suggestions on what should be done…

Well it came back to backfire on me and I was furious.

You see, some of the girls got the impression that I was a BMF.

Now if you are keen on text messaging, you can probably figure this one out.

If you need a little hint, I will give you this much.

They thought I was a Bossy MoFo and hopefully you know what the “MoFo” stands for…more about that for sure in the future

Anyways, I was angry at first and not really why they viewed my confidence and taking initiative as being labeled as a Bossy MoFo.

It also hurt to be thought of this way as well.  Makes you second guess yourself sometimes.

It is good to have constructive criticisms and this did lead me to try and think more before I took the lead and made decisions for the group (always with the intention that the groups success was at the forefront)

So as we finished up our two months of training and were headed out to our respective placements hours away from each other…

I was present with a journal…

Now I think I had written every day and filled up a small journal and was working my way through another one, so this was going to be great…

I would not have to worry about running out when I was in the middle of nowhere for 10 weeks at a time…

Even if it was the most random looking Journal, seeing that it had a cat with a bird sitting on its head as the cover art!

Bossy MoFo Journal
Bossy MoFo Journal

I am not much of a cat person.

The fun began when I opened the journal.  What the girls did brought tears to my eyes.

Tears of joy and laughter.

On every single page of this book they in one way or another made a different header statement calling me a Bossy Mofo, or BMF.


Bossy MoFo Journal Inside cover
Bossy MoFo Journal Inside cover


I burst out laughing and could not stop for a few minutes.

I knew their love for me as a person was genuine by this gesture and till this day, I still laugh when I see the heading of each of those pages.

I have been back from the Peace Corps for almost 12 years now and I still write in that ugly journal with the cat and the bird sitting on its head.

I have come to use it for many things.

Motivational Statements Poems I wrote Quotes from books and lectures …and

Of course, things my kids say that just make us almost roll over in complete hysterical laughter which brings us to the beginning of out letter.

As I look through the book thinking back to all the great times I have had since getting this journal, I find this particular one from about 3 years ago.

My middle child was about 4 when I was tucking her into bed and said you are “tired” to which her response was…

“I’m not a turd, you’re a turd”

And yet another entry made it into the books.

So where do we go from here and how does this relate to marketing?

Well there are a couple lessons we can take out of this.

Lesson #1) How you come off to people might not be as you perceive it.

Lesson #2) Being confident and assured of what you are doing is good when it benefits the group

Lesson #3) Keeping things in perspectvive and having a good sense of humor can help you get through rough times

Lesson #4) Keeping a journal of things that bring back great memories in an instant is an invaluable tool and motivational piece to help you succeed

Lesson #5) Sometimes you have to sit back and absorb what is going on around you.  Action is good, sometimes inaction can be better, but do not take this as meaning you are idle and not absorbing everything around you so you are ready to make the move when it is the rigth time.

It is my intent that you enjoyed the story and picked up a gem or two in the short lessons above.

I have been able to put together better emails for you to get you thinking not only about Internet Marketing, but the smaller things in life.

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To rocking your email!

Dave Gardner AKA Your Bossy MoFo!

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