What are Social Networking Sites?

What are Social Networking Sites?

Article by Aly Mathew

A social networking service is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social relations and networks among people who shares interests or other activities. Social networking sites can be defined as web based services that allow individuals to construct a public or semi- public profile with a bounded system, managed a list of other users with whom they share a connection and view and traverse their list of connection and those made with by others within the system. After the introduction of social network sites (SNSs) such as MySpace, Facebook, Cyworld and Bebo, they have attracted millions of users. Many of them have integrated these sites into their daily practices. The nature and nomenclature of these connections vary from site to site. There are hundreds of SNSs with various technological affordances, supporting a wide range of interest, activities and practices. The cultures that emerge around social networking sites are varied while the key technological features are consistent. Most sites support the maintenance of pre existing social networks but other sites help strangers to connect based on shared interests, political views or other activities. Some sites attract people of common language, shared racial, and religious or nationality based identities while some sites attract diverse audience. Some sites vary in the extent in which they incorporate new information and communication tools, such as blogging, photo/video sharing or mobile connectivity.By creating a way to network and keep people connected to their friends and families, SMS whether it is Facebook, Twitter, You Tube or blogs people used them for activism, get organized and mobilize protests, social movements and even revolutions around the globe.SMO allow us to promote our company’s websites through an interactive and attractive method. Businesses are becoming popular among the social media users and can leverage their business through SMO. There are a wide range of social media tools, businesses are using to get more interactive – to communicate and exchange information with their customers. Now a day’s businesses are increasingly using these tools because they offer more cost effective ways to achieve their goals. Social media enables them to reach their customers in just no time as engagement in social media is indispensable for any reputed brand. However it provides them a lot of flexibility and creativity. With the help of social media, we can gain the loyalty of customers through interaction and can actually get connected with our customers and show our brand’s message and feedback of our customers.Over the past few years social media has become an imperative tool for online marketing</a.>. Based on case studies and social movement theory literature this course will use readings, videos and group discussions to explore different ways. How influential are social media and can we really refer Facebook and Twitter a revolution? There might be a social media – driven movement in one country and not in another country? Course participation will work towards identifying ways that social media can best be incorporated into activism. It has gradually made a place for itself and is steadily changing the pattern of how individuals or corporate houses market, promote and maintain their present and potential customer base online

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