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Need help? Click here to find a local Cisco partner who can offer solutions: cs.co Transcript: By the year 2016, annual global IP traffic will exceed a zettabyte. What does the zettabyte era look like? Well… By that same year, the Internet will drive almost four times more traffic than it did in 2011. And by 2016, the average Internet user will generate 32.3 gigabytes of traffic per month, up from just 11.5 in 2011 During this 5-year period, the percentage of global business users with two or more mobile devices will grow more than 3-fold (8.1%) (26.8%). By 2016, over half of the world’s IP traffic will come from wi-fi. Globally, the average mobile connection speed will grow 10-fold, reaching 2.2 Mbps by 2016. The sum of all forms of video will exceed 86% of global consumer traffic. A four-fold increase from 2011. And of this growth, mobile video and desktop conferencing will be the fastest growing mobile and business services. By 2016, the gigabyte equivalent of all the movies ever made will cross global IP networks―EVERY 3 MINUTES! . Over the course of a year, that’s about a trillion gigabytes…or one zettabyte. Welcome to the zettabyte era… Cisco VNI Subscribe to Cisco’s YouTube channel. Click here: cs.co Follow Cisco VNI on Facebook: facebook.com
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  1. Mohammad Almeqdadi says:


  2. noledgewise1 says:

    You’ve heard about this that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer but are the smart getting smarter and the dumb getting dumber?? IDK✌✌

  3. 941MK says:

    lol only 32GB i do a little under then 200GB, in 3 years ill be at 1 terabits a month, noobs.

  4. wolfgang169 says:

    that sure is a lot of porn

  5. Bupycnet says:

    привет с хабра)

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