Web 2.0 Stampede Product Review

Web 2.0 Web Site Traffic Product Review www.blueskybrothers.com Web 2.0 Stampede Review – Does It Really Do What It Claims? As I’m sure you are aware that there are a few components that you must have to make money online. Getting traffic to your website or blog is one of them. Some will argue that it’s the MOST important. One thing is for sure, generating massive traffic is time consuming, frustrating and costly. Web 2.0 Stampede solves this problem (so it cliams) using web 2.0 tactics. Now I know web 2.0 tactics and techniques do work in generating traffic because I use them on a daily basis. In fact using sites like StumbleUpon and Digg (as long as the content is good) in generating 100s of unique visitors to your site, almost immediately can be accomplished rather simply. However, there are pitfalls to watch out for. I know. When I first started I made almost every mistake possible and I paid in frustration and wasted time. I digress… I decided to purchase Web 2.0 Stampede to see how useful this product would be for me, with my advance knowledge but more importantly, how useful it would be for my readers. Most internet guru’s discuss PPC, SEO and JV’s to generate traffic when they talk about online success but Chris Freville claims that although some of this stuff still works, nothing works better than web 2.0 tactics. That makes sense and I know that this claim is true because have you noticed that many of the guru’s are scrambling trying to figure out the “new
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    nice work… i like the video..

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    Hi gc3833

    You really should never stop creating these videos as the quality really is outstanding and I just love watching them.

    Cheers to your success.

    Mark McCulloch

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    I appreciate this post but please get to the point faster…:)

  5. rameerg says:

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    I like what i watched.

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